Friday, April 20, 2012

No Filter

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Whoa man thank goodness it's Friday.  This week I have another reason to look forward to the weekend, besides the extra set of helping hands from my husband; the start of a fresh week is soon upon us.  Is anyone else looking forward to the start of a new week?

Guys, this week I've been sort of crazy.  Not quite bitchy, or in a bad mood, just crazy.  Like easily irritated and when irritated, I just say whatever comes out of my mouth.  Some would probably blame it on "pregnancy hormones", but I think that's crazy.  I blame it on just a sheer lack of sleep due to pregnancy insomnia, and also being asked to pay $210 for a decent pair of colored denim maternity jeans.  I told the sales girl she was high.  Not the store, or company selling them, but she herself was high.  See.  No filter.

Two nights ago I yelled at my husband about tweezers.
Me: "Hey have you seen my tweezers?"
Art: (answers immediately) "I have no idea where they are."  
Me: "You have NO idea?  Like, could you give it some thought?  Did you maybe put them in your overnight bag when we went to Utah?"
Art: "Oh, maybe.  Check."
I check and yup, find tweezers.
Me: "You had NO idea where they were huh?!? (as I hold up tweezers)" 
Art: "Sorry, I forgot about them."
Me: "Well next time could you not be so damn dismissive of me when I ask you a question and just think for a moment?!"
Art: "It's just a pair of tweezers."
Art: "Okayyy."  And quietly goes back to reading about Katniss and District 13 trying to overthrow the Capital.  I think he knew this was a losing battle...

Yesterday I called a meter guy a jerk after he gave me a ticket.  I actually yelled it at him as he walked away, but loud enough for him to hear (I was too chicken to actually say it to his face).  "Jerk!"  Who am I?  And most importantly, can meter guys arrest me for confrontational behavior or something?  I'm sure I wouldn't get away with calling an actual Police Officer a jerk right?

It's not that I'm angry or feeling particularly upset or down.  Just easily set off.  I don't like it though.  Not one bit.  I've got to settle down you guys, quick, before I end up saying something I really regret.  Speaking of settling down, we say Kimbra this week at a tiny little show.  She was amazing!  The pregnancy bump got us upper level VIP seats and we sat next to this actor.  Anyhow, she's my new girl crush.  Her album comes out soon and we've preordered it already.  Art btw, has a HUGE crush on her.  This is what I wore to the show.
Full outfit post at For the Love Of...
Speaking of outfit posts, would you guys like to have me do a weekly recap here of all my posts over at For the Love Of?  Or is that too much like me pimping it out?  Be honest.

So what do you all have planned this weekend? Anything fun?  Any advice on how not to be such a crazy pregnant lady?  I'm all ears... 

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