Wednesday, April 4, 2012

DIY Neon Bow T-Shirts For Girls

I couldn't leave out my daughter while thinking of projects for neon week, especially after making neon dinos for my son.  A couple of months back I was in the Kate Spade store buying the neon gumdrop earrings when I was hit with inspiration.  All I could see for a brief moment were bows and neon.  Sort of like being hit over the head and seeing stars.  I went home and googled bow paper punches and of course Martha Stewart made a cute one that wasn't the least bit cheesy.  Oh Martha what would we do without you?

I basically used the same concept here as I did for my heart punch canvas bags that have since become a hit.  Cut strips of freezer paper, punch out your bows, iron on and paint in.  That's how I achieved the neat symmetrical rows in the shirt seen on the little blonde cutie above.  For Taylor's shirt I just cut out bows in a random pattern and ironed them on in a waterfall effect.  I did the same gradating colors, landing on beige, as I did for my T-shirt seen on For the Love Of.  It really can't get more simple than that.  My main tip is to place a rag between your layers of T so that the paint doesn't bleed through.

Taylor loves her neon shirt so much and I'm going to make some for gifts.  I just used the standard T-shirts from Target that are $5.  A great little shirt for any girl in your life.   
P.S. Thanks so much Shelly for letting Ellie model for me and I hope she's enjoying her bow t-shirt as much as Taylor is!

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