Tuesday, April 3, 2012

DIY - Neon Dinos For Kids

 I mentioned before that some neon love would be coming your way here on Four Flights of Fancy, in addition to at my other style site.  Well here you go, this one is a child-centric DIY that will jazz up any toys you may have lying around.  Since my son has an affinity for dinosaurs, the choice here was obvious.  In all honesty I had to spray paint these when he was not looking in order to avoid a freak out, but once they were complete, he did freak out, but in a good way.  He loved them so much he took them with us to Park City.  And while I thought my son would be the only one attracted to the fluorescent dinos, turns out my daughter has an affinity for them too.  Like mother, like daughter eh?
 Begin with some plastic toys of any kind really.  Cows, dogs, horses, or in this case, dinosaurs. 
Add a coat or two of spray paint primer.  You will have to do some shifting around in between coats to ensure full coverage, and may have to add a coat or two. 
Then add a couple of coats of your selected color choice of neon spray paint and let dry completely.  I wouldn't let little toddlers prone to still biting on their toys play with these, but since we're nearing 5, my son has completely outgrown that stage.  Instead he sucks and chews on his blankie, because that's not babyish or anything.  Note to self: must work on the blankie addiction. 
Put on display or encourage play.  Either way, these cool creatures from the Jurassic age will fit in perfectly with today's trend conscious, hip parents ;)
Note to you, my fine readers: There's lots of other neon goodness going on over at my other blog, For the Love Of.  The type of neon goodness meant for you grown up, hipster ladies interested in adding a bit of neon fun to your life.  See them all here.

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