Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Am Easter recap if you will starting from the top rolling to the bottom:
- Syd actually wore a tie to church, without fuss.  He took it off almost immediately after getting home, but never mind, he wore a tie to church.  He looked adorable (Daniel & Andrew, my nephews, wore matching neon coral polo shirts and looked pretty fantastic too).
- Speaking of church, thank you for your comments on my last post.  I have some things to say to those that responded and am thinking of writing a follow up post later in the week.  This has been a big subject for me lately...
- I tried the Katniss braid on Taylor and for the most part it worked!  It looked even better the first time I tried it for Easter pictures.  We were in a hurry Easter morning so it came out a little pokey, but the effect was still achieved. 
- Taylor and Syd's outfits were from the Gap.  Her dress was $14 and his pants were $16.  Sweet!
- 9 grand kids will soon be 10!  And baby #3 is mystery baby - we decided not to find out the sex!
- Isn't my nephew dapper in his fedora and bow tie?
- Syd changed shirts half way thru Easter and we ended up matching.  Just as well.
- I love her toothless smile.  Syd and her were playing on the ground the morning we left for Park City and he accidentally kicked out her 2nd top tooth.  Now we'll always have a story about her brother kicking out her tooth.
- The majority of our Easter decorations got eaten up in the great mouse disaster of 2012.  One lone twig bunny survived that sat on the front porch.  I relied this year on some fresh floral arrangements in pastel spring colors to set an Easter tone.  I'll go to Home Goods today and snatch up whatever Easter decor remains at half off.  I already checked and Target is cleared out.
- I made those birds nest things using this recipe, and they were all right.  Looked cute enough, but way too sweet for my taste.  Photo op achieved, now to try something different next year.
- The day was gorgeous and in the high 70's, and the pool has naturally heated up to the high 60's.  The kids (and Art) swam most of the day, leaving my house relatively clean and mess free.  Hooray!  It was a lot of work to put together this week, but there really is nothing better than hosting a family gathering and seeing everyone enjoy themselves.  It was a blessed Easter.  I truly hope yours was too friends. 

You can hop on over to my other blog to see some other pretty pastel pictures of desserts!

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