Sunday, April 29, 2012

What's Going On Over There

Once a week I'll be posting a quick recap of my projects and posts over at For the Love Of.  Since many of the topics I post over there I know will be of interest to some of my readers here, but they just don't have the time to check out both blogs, I thought a quick recap each week would be the perfect way to fill you in.  If anything peaks your interest, just click on over and have a look :)
On Tuesday I wrote a tutorial on creating fresh floral arrangements yourself.  Complete with tips for decorating your vases and trimming your flowers to make a simple, no fuss arrangement. 
On Wednesday I shared outfit photos from our 13 year anniversary dinner.  For the special occasion I took out a few of my favorite, most loved pieces I don't get to wear enough. 
On Thursday I wrote a review on a new product I've added to my beauty routine; the Dr. Gross Alpha Hydroxy Peel Pads.  I love them and think you will too.
On Friday I posted pictures of our new dining room chairs (remember my home goals post?), and gave a few more ideas for decorating plain glass vases.  And, for my local readers, I listed all the vendors I purchased my flowers from at the LA Flower Mart. 
On Sunday I posted my top 5 favorite nail polishes that offer the best pops of color for spring!  What are some of your favorites? 

I'm so close to reaching 100 likes on the For the Love Of Facebook page.  Thank you!  Once we reach 100 I'm giving away a set of neon rhinestone bangles remember?  Please come visit! 

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