Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Baby Gear Checklist - 3rd Time Around

(this is what both of our babies did anytime we put them in one of those darn swings)

It hit me square in the face last night that I'm now 26 weeks pregnant, which still sounds like I have loads of time before this baby enters the world, but really I'm just 1 week shy of my 3rd trimester.  3rd trimester!?!  How did that happen so fast guys?  I swear it was just 3 weeks ago I announced our news.  

Since the gender of baby #3 is a surprise and we aren't going to do much in the way of planning names and a nursery and all that, ahead of time, I at least want to get a bit organized.  Several of our close friends and family are still in or have just left the baby stage and have generously offered to loan or give us items we are in need of, because we got rid of just about everything.  And I mean everything, even my breast pump.  In my mind we were done having kids remember?  So I need to start figuring out what we will be able to borrow, and what we will need to plan on buying.  And by the looks of all the babies out there in the world today, baby gear has changed quite a bit in the last 5 years!  I feel like my mother saying "we didn't have fancy things like that when you were a baby!", but it's kinda true.  Strollers look more high tech and modern, swings are like rides at Disneyland, even baby bath tubs are all sleek and aerodynamic.  I need help guys!  I thought I'd make a list of some of the items I know we'll want in our baby arsenal, and ask for some guidance from you all.  Sound good?  Great, let's get started...

Baby Gear We Definitely Need:
- Stroller (I think this is deserving of its own post, no?  Wow, the options out there!)
- Bassinet (do I just use the Pack N Play or get an actual bassinet?)
- Body carrier (do I go wrap or actual strap in carrier?)  
- Baby bathtub (sleek and modern or just go with the standard tub in sink basin?)
- Bouncy seat (this is a MUST, as it was the only way I was ever to eat dinner those first 3-4 months)
- Baby monitor (when we first had Taylor video monitors were just hitting the scene and the picture was all grainy and fuzzy and they cost about $300.  We went with the standard sound monitor, but now everyone's telling us we HAVE to go video.  Really?)    
- Crib mobile (we had one of the battery operated ones that pretty much puts on a disco show for the baby and it worked really well.  Now there are so many pretty handmade, non electrical options that just float above babies head and whisper to them.  Do we go old school and get the one that cranks the sound and moving parts, or do I make one myself?)
- Breast pump (not debatable right?)

Baby Gear That's a Question Mark?:
- Swing (both of our babies hated the swing, let the picture above be my evidence.  But some friends have said that the ones now a days that twist and turn and go left to right, back and forth, are quite sensational.  Should we go for it or save some space and money?)
- Play Gym (I think that's what they're called.  They're the mats you lie the baby underneath and are supposed to help with tummy time.  I'm thinking since we really only used them for about 4 months with both the previous kids this is a scrap item.  But will I miss not having one?)
- Jumperoos (what are these called again?  The things you put the baby in when they're a few months old to keep them occupied.  They sit in it and it's got all sorts of things to look around at and play with.  See, I'm so out of it I'm completely drawing a blank.  Are those still used?  We had one with both kids and I think they were quite helpful for occupying a bit of their attention).

So this is my list so far.  I know I've got to be missing something vitally important here!  I don't dare look at the recommended must haves from Babies R Us because then my head will really start spinning.  So advice please from any of you out there that have recently been in the thick of it with having babies.  What can I axe from this list, or definitely keep on?  What do I need to add?  I would really appreciate any advice because you guys always have the best advice to give.  Thanks for helping a girl out.  Slowly creeping into quasi panic mode over here ;)

This post is sponsored by Disney Baby. I'll be joining the Disney Baby blogging team next month, and look forward to sharing these kinds of stories (projects/ideas/etc) with you over there! Stay tuned for more details!
p.s. the commenting system on the blog the last few weeks has been quite messed up, deleting comments sporadically.  I'm not the best at responding to comments as it is, but this new development has made it even harder since I'll go to respond to a comment and then it's deleted.  So my apologies.  I'm working on uninstalling the current system so I shouldn't have any more problems and we can resume business as usual.  Thanks for your understanding and patience :)

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  1. ah, how different things are over here... those jumping things are pretty close to being outlawed - too dangerous, not good for baby's natural developmentt and such. Funny, eh? Also, never really had a swing either and don't know anyone who did. Kids survived it :) Also, always used standard baby monitor. Exactly why would one need video? It's dark. They're supposed to sleep and if they don't, you have to go check on them anyway. Also standard, old-school mobile over here.

    Oh my, how things are different... so from my very old Europe perspective: ditch everything too big too plastic too battery-operated. You won't need it. This kid will have two siblings for entertainment. Should be plenty ;)

    Agree on the pump though, and stroller - well, we had an adaptable one that you could click the car seat on and off and also later convert to a stroller for toddlers. Loved it. But really, babies don't need that much, do they :)?


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