Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fancy Face at 26 Weeks

(I'm wearing Fresh Produce dress c/o; Lisa Leonard necklace c/o; Sam Edelman shoes; 
Zara earrings; makeup by Sweet Emotions Makeup Artistry & Photos by M. Shanti Photo)

My friend Amber came over today to give me a little makeup lesson, because I really need some help! Great tips and makeup industry secrets soon to be forthcoming :)  Since my face was all fancy, Miranda took a few pictures of me.  So why not do a bit of a pregnancy update for baby bean #3?  I officially turn 26 weeks tomorrow and the time really is flying by.  My energy is for the most part high during the day, but I crash by about 6 pm.  Not the most convenient of times when I've got homework to do with a 1st grader and dinner to get on the table. But I'm thankful for my blessings and am really trying to enjoy this pregnancy so much knowing that it will be my last.  Some bullet points of this pregnancy if you will:
  • My worst pregnancy symptom is still insomnia.  Every 3-4 days I'll get one night of good solid sleep, but then back to the insomnia train the next day.  Considering heartburn, indigestion and all the other more complicated things that I could be experiencing, I'll take the insomnia.
  • This baby kicks a lot, all day long.  I usually don't feel him/her when I'm moving, but as soon as I slow down to sit or stand, I feel a lot of wiggling and kicking.  It's truly one of the most amazing feelings in the world.
  • I've already exceeded the 25 lb. weight gain mark.  Oops!  My doctor says I'm doing fine, so I'll just take her word for it ;)
  • Since this is my last, I want to feel good, and that means not dressing in sweats and maternity pants all day.  If I find a dress or pair of shorts here and there that are non-maternity and still fit (thank you elastic waistbands and empire waists), I've treated myself.  Attempting to look good when I get dressed in the morning has definitely helped my overall mood.  May sound superficial, but it works.  
  • I no longer have any weird cravings or have been craving junk food like I did in my 1st trimester and my eating habits are more back in line with my regular non pregnancy eating habits.  However, I do indulge myself a bit (okay a lot) more than I usually do, and I'm okay with that ;)
  • I'm not exercising as much as I'd like, but between walks and bike rides with the kids, I'm staying active enough so I don't feel like a lazy lop. 
  • My mood swings are still a bit up and down and I snap at Art a bit more than I should (especially during the whole garage fiasco, which is pretty much done btw!).  But, overall I feel happy you guys.  I feel at peace.  Maybe it's some crazy pregnancy hormone, but I'm not at all nervous about starting over anymore like I once was.  Thank you Lord.  
  • I still miss wine and sushi.  And I hate taking my prenatal vitamins and skip them more than I should (sorry!).  I haven't cracked a baby preparedness book, although I did download an app.  When it told me I should avoid caffeine all together I flipped it off and haven't opened it since.  And I still have to get my sister my guest list for my shower.  We don't have a name or know where the baby is going to sleep.  Ahh, lots to do!  But I feel like I actually for some crazy reason, have everything under control.  Wild right?  
It's been so fun having this space to share my 3rd and final pregnancy with you guys.  Thank you for all the love and support and advice along the way.  3rd trimester here I come!

By the way, this dress has been worn more times than I can count.  I have to say I've never owned anything from Fresh Produce before but I was pleasantly surprised when I received this dress and saw just how lovely it was.  The quality of the fabric is just gorgeous and it drapes over my body really well, skimming over lumps here and there instead of hugging them ;)  And this lovely necklace hasn't left my neck for the past week.  I can't believe I've been a mother for 7 years and have never owned one of these name plate necklaces.  Stay tuned for a Lisa Leonard giveaway next week!

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