Friday, March 26, 2010

Better Late Than Never; P & L - The Jeggings Debacle

My friend Lisa facebooked the other day that she was "fired up" about her new jeggings. JEGGINGS?!?! What are jeggings? 9 months out of the fashion industry and I'm already losing touch? I thought about it for a few minutes and then figured it out.

Oh of course, Jeggings = jean leggings!

While I'm not one to jump on a trend (it took me over a year to try a skinny jean), I was intrigued. I love leggings and I love jeans and I love skinny jeans. It should be a match made in fashion heaven, yes?

NO. N-O. N to the O.

Imagine squeezing into a VERY tight pair of jeans, 2 sizes too small, and the only way you're actually able to squeeze into them is by way of an elastic waistband.

And what does an elastic waistband on a pair of jeans remind me of?
Yup, a pair of maternity jeans.

I debated over these jeans for about 20 minutes until Art couldn't take it anymore and begged me to just make up my mind. I took a chance and brought them home. I took them back to the store the very next day.

Besides reminding me of a pair of maternity jeans, I felt like I was suffocating in them. They were just SOOO tight. I kept imagining myself trying to wear them in the summer and passing out from heat exhaustion. I really don't know how Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler wear such skinny jeans on stage. I guess that's really the least of their worries. And they just don't have the same give as a legging, which mold to the contours of your legs. These tugged and sagged and flattened in places they shouldn't.

I can tell how uncomfortable I am in the picture below because I have my arms crossed, which I never do.
It's too bad they were so uncomfortable because they had a really cute zipper ankle detail.
Overall though, a big fashion DON'T for me.

This is what I ended up changing into.
Same frilly blouse but with a good old pair of simple skinny jeans. {Art was telling me I need to stop putting my hands at my waist in this picture}
About 2 weeks ago now

Top: Gibson
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Sam Edelman
Necklace: Juicy Couture
Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Daniel's Adoption Celebration Party!

I found this frilly top on the sale rack and it was love at first sight. The sweet pleated detail at the yoke, the 3/4 length sleeve, the gorgeous season-less print and the flouncy silhouette are all just perfect. I can see myself really dressing this up (although, when am I going to do that?), or wearing it with just pair of jeans all spring and summer long. I think it will look great even with some cut off jean shorts. The necklace was a Valentine's Day gift from Art, and I can wear it with just about anything. He did good right? Oh and those shoes are so soft I can walk miles in them.


  1. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!
    Thanks for the laugh.
    I haven't tried them on in a while, but they were kind of "in" a few years ago and some designers kept making them. They're not cute IMO.
    Love your shoes though.
    I need new shoes really bad.
    I like these:

  2. I think you get credit for even trying the jeggings at all! After three kids I know my a*s will never see the inside of a pair. :)

    you are rocking that whole look, but i'm really loving those shoes. i heart metallic shoes.

  3. If ANYONE could wear them....it's you.

    That being said....

    No No.

  4. I saw jeggings on a petite friend the other day and they looked cute & comfy, but I don't see myself squeezing ina pair. I too really love the shoes!!!

  5. This post was cracking me up!!! I think the only people who are wearing jeggings are the ones who've never worn maternity jeans. You nailed it.
    Although they did not look bad on you.
    I have to tell you this series is inspiring me. I am trying to put more thought into what I wear--to dress it up a bit. I don't have much to work with, on many levels, but I am trying. So thanks.
    And I love your perfect toes. Can you sen me your manicurists # again? I think I really, really need to cal her.

  6. I love this post, you are hysterical!! An intern at SJ told me that my jeggings were not in fact jeggings since there was a zipper and button...I was stunned. It felt so right and yet I was so wrong! I usually wear mine with boots and a long top which makes me feel less exposed, but I can see where you would think maternity. Try seven or jbrand, they make a great pair.

  7. Just say no to jeggings. See also: mom jeans.

  8. I was reading your blog and a link to this post popped up.

    Jeggings=the worst possible fashion movement ever.

    Have a great day!


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