Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring/Easter Crafts and Decor

Some friends asked to see pictures of some of things I made around the house to get us in the mood for Spring. I went with more of a generic Spring theme rather than just Easter so that I could keep it around a bit longer than after Easter.

I did all of this on the cheap. I purchased two bags of moss from Stats for $4.99 each, 1 bag of eggs from Michael's for $4.99, 2 yards of burlap (also used on for the wreath on my header) for $5.00 (I didn't have a coupon at the time or else it would have been $2.49), 1 glass cloche from Stats for $5.49, and several birds, in total spending about $8-$9 on birds. The other items were everyday decor that I had in the house already. Oh, and the bird prints are from the Graphics Fairy, a free clip-art site, and the faux matte is made from card stock I already owned. The rosemary is just clipped from our backyard and the sticks are collected by the kids on our walks. Lastly, the little signs are a direct idea steal from Lemonade Makin' Mama (we all steal ideas, so don't act shocked!). The little metal stands for the signs are from the dollar bin at Michael's.

See the burlap table runners in the next two pictures? Just take a strip of burlap, as long and wide as you want it, and start pulling on the edge strands so they unravel. The pulling action creates the fringe along the edge.

At first glance these crafts and decorations may not look very festive and "kiddy" in design, but the kids are actually quite enjoying them. I got them involved in placing the moss and sticks, digging up some dirt to plant the rosemary in, and naming the eggs (the 3 grouped together are named Eggwin, Eggbert and Eggstastic). Everyday they have been asking to take the birds out of their cages so they can play with them.

It's been fun having our flighty friends around here that's for sure!

Happy Spring!


  1. cute stuff - I especially love the bunny on your dining table. Off to homegoods today to spiff up my easter decor.

  2. Great ideas. I have never been to Stats, but I think a trip is in order.

  3. Cute mama! Add more pics of the wreath. :)


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