Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Two Things I Love Around My Home

Happy Tuesday Everyone! It's time for the two things I love around my home today. Remember to play along as well and post a link in the comment section so others can visit your two things as well. Also make sure to visit BacWoods Fern since Kassi is the one that started this fun tradition!

Today my two things are

The bird display I created yesterday to get us in the mood for Spring! I printed up some great FREE clip art here and pasted the picture to a piece of card stock to create a faux matte, then threw together some eggs, a sweet little bird and moss on top of a mercury candle holder. My favorite piece though is the teeny tiny birds nest inside a miniature apothecary jar.

And second, I am loving the piano that was left here from the previous owners. The only one that knows how to play is Art, but it's been great hearing him practice almost every night. He is trying to master Moonlight Sonata.

What are your two things?
Have a great day everyone!


  1. your bird display is so pretty!
    and i love pianos... i wish i had one! lucky for you that the previous owners left it!
    thanks for playing along andrea!

  2. I'm so impressed by your clip art bird!!!

  3. Andrea,
    LOVE your display! Each piece goes together so well. You did a fab job on it. def a fun springy feel :)
    best wishes,

  4. great spring updates! I also am totally loving your spring adaptation of the burlap wreath in your header!

  5. Love the crafts and the seasonal look of your blog!

  6. Andrea - Loving your blog! And I love the "2 things" - what a wonderful way to stop and reflect on the things that surround us every day. Lastly tho - I cannot beLIEVE that the previous owners left that piano! Lucky you!!

  7. Thanks for the comments everyone! yes, chris, we feel very fortunate to have that piano. It's funny, the last 2 houses we've purchased the owners have offered to leave the piano for free. We said no the first time because it was a baby grand (little too much for us) and we didn't have kids at the time. This piano fit us just right though and we knew the kids would love having it around. It must be awfully expensive to move a piano!

  8. SHUT UP! They left you their piano!??? SOOO SOOO SOO jealous! I'll come over and play for you. Oh wait, I haven't played in YEARS. I'm probably not so good anymore.


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