Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our Weekend Was Winterized

We spent the weekend up in Lake Arrowhead. It was amazing. I have so many great pictures to share, but just too pooped to do it just about now. A shower must be my first priority.

But a little sneak peek into our winter wonderland weekend.

Saturday night we watched this

And woke up to this

It was magical, especially to a Southern California girl who doesn't get to see snow fall too often.

On another note, thanks so much for all the support for my new Friday feature. I truly truly appreciate it. I'm excited to show you more.

Good night my friends. May your dreams be filled with something magical.


  1. I love the snow!!! I'm a SoCal girl too... my whole life. Lake Arrowhead is the perfect place to get a snow fix. Not too cold and close to home!

    No run for me. It ended up pouring and I wimped out. Then I saw photos of what I missed and regretted it. OH well, I'll be there running next week, rain or shine. Thanks for asking!:)

  2. Oh so beautiful. We haven't made it up north to see snow this year - although we did see snow while in Prescott, AZ during Christmas.

    Beautiful pictures!

    Thanks for your nice comment. I truly appreciate it.

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