Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Office Space

Why does the thermostat break in our office just when it starts to warm up? It's 85 degrees in our office and Art and I can barely think.

He just called me on the line to tell me he's lonely because he's back in his office all by himself. His office is about 20 feet from my desk.

We went to an early lunch because he was hungry. A friend called and asked what I was doing and when I told him he said "must be nice".
It is actually. Thank you very much.

I brought him back PinkBerry from my 2nd lunch date with a friend. It helped us deal with the heat tremendously well.

Working with your spouse definitely has its rewards.

Do you think he'd ever let me smash up a computer?

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


  1. A computer? Why not... I have so much junk... Anyone else want in?

  2. Office Space is one of my favorite movies! You have lots in common with my friend/neighbor Darlene (Music to my Ears) who will also be at Blog Sugar. She and her hubby both work from home as well. Lucky you! Looking forward to meeting you tonight at Blog Sugar!

  3. Aww... you guys are so cute. I miss having Mike at home all day...oh wait...maybe I dont?!??! :)


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