Wednesday, February 24, 2010

He Loves Her...

...And I do too. Oh, how I love her.

Snapped these off this morning before Tay went to preschool.
May she always be proud of our faith and wear it as proudly as she wears this shirt.

The photo shoot was her idea by the way. I think we're creating a future diva!


  1. AMEN! God is good and we should be proclaiming it with this much confidence! I love it!

  2. She is GORGEOUS! If I looked like that I'd want to have my picture made all day long. And where did you get that cute shirt?

  3. Love the shirt! My kids go to a Christian school. boy would the teachers dig it!

  4. Thanks ladies! She is a cutie :) I got the tee at a craft fair I was participating in back in December. it's from Local Celebrity, but I can't find it on the web right now in a child's version, only women. here it is though: http://www.localcelebrity.com/products/womens/original_t-shirts/jesus_loves_this_chick_t-shirt/

  5. actually, I did find it:

  6. I love the shirt and the photo shoot is sweet too:)


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