Monday, February 22, 2010

Blog Sugar and Some Other Sweetness

So the weekend started off with some sugar, and then ended with some sugar at about
11 o'clock at night on Sunday. Go figure. Sounds about right.

Friday night about 20 local Long Beach/OC bloggers met up at the home of Mrs. 17.
We came, we met, we ate.
Lots and Lots of Sugar
When there's cake pops from Sweet and Saucy,
what else is there to do but partake in the goodness?

I had so many QUESTIONS I wanted answered about bloggin'!
I'm so new to this type of blogging
You know the type of blogging where you're talking about more than your kids

{not that there's anything wrong with b
logging just about your kids}

I swear I have such a persecution complex.
Always thinking someone's going to take something I say the wrong way.
I guess I better try to shake that baggage off if I'm going to be a serious blogger
ANYHOW! Sorry for the digression...
I got some questions answered,
I can't wait for the next Blog Sugar so we can get down to business and tackle the serious issues.
Lots of serious issues to tackle when you're bloggin' you know.
Lots of problems to solve.
Enough babbling from this baboon, here are some pictures!

I had my own cute adorable name tag!
And get this, it doubles as a hair clip too.
Taylor ain't taking this one away from me that's for sure.
I tried it on and I feel like I'm channeling some glamour girl from the 50's
Thanks to Julie from Joy's Hope for making all of these!

Chinese take-out box presentations are always so gosh darn cute, makes you not even care what's inside (although I promise there was something good inside of these!)

Our Lovely Hostess
This lady was so sweet. Kristy from SoSoBella. As I usually do, I stuck my foot in my mouth during our conversation. She let it slide though! Sweet and talented, nice combo.
Thanks again Rachel for hosting!

My last bit of suga
do your teeth hurt yet?

Art tackled the nightmare that is our garage this weekend.
And at about 11 o'clock at night he ran in
carrying some sweetness.

{I just love that he knew how excited I'd be over this}

On a whim he decided to open one of my grandma's boxes that I've been holding onto now for about 6 years saying to myself "when I have time I'll go through them."
Well, what did he unearth?

These beautiful, perfect, lit
tle treasures!
This is the perfect little candy dish
At first I envisioned our fruit in here, but then I envisioned one of my rascals trying to grab a piece of fruit and it would come crashing down. So up on the shelf it went.Now all we need are some spring flowers to fill these little gemsAnd my favorite little gem, this dinner bell. I am in love.I had been at the flea market that same morning and had picked up the covered dish on the right to use as a candy jar; then mere hours later another found under my own roof!Don't they just complete my collection?

Wishing you a sweet and sugary filled week!


  1. I LOVED having you there, Andrea! Can't wait for the next!!!! And can't wait to get together with you!

  2. I am oh so jealous of both your blog sugar night and your milk glass - I have been wanting to buy some ever since we made Spring Martinis in your milk glass pitcher nearly 2 years ago. I even had a failed ebay purchase of a pitcher and set of glasses, sent the the old loft accidently never to turn up :(...

  3. I just adore your milk glass collection!!! I have quite a few pieces as well and they are just adorable. And I know that I saw you among all the ladies at BlogSugar but didn't get a chance to meet you, so nice to meet you :)

  4. Thanks April! I have been on cloud nine since unearthing those treasures :) Sorry we didn't get a chance to chat at all at BS. Hopefully next time. Are you the one that was pregnant?


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