Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Box That Doesn't Move

Ever see that Everybody Loves Raymond episode where the suitcase gets left on the staircase for days on end, with neither Ray nor Deborah willing to move it? Fights ensue for days and it stays for so long that one of them puts moldy cheese in there, and the other one puts fish in it or soemthing liek that. I don't remember the exact particulars, but we've got a similar situation goign on here with this box. Problem is , I don't think my better half even knows it!

We found this box about 2 weeks ago, after it had gone missing for a bit after the move. It's got odds and ends from our old master bathroom and was one of the last boxes we packed.

It has been sitting in this same spot for 2 weeks now. Actually, it has moved a bit. On the step stool, then back on the ground. I believe it sat on the counter for a couple of days.

I don't know why I just haven't unpacked the dang thing. I kept meaning to for days but kept forgetting.

Now, though I'm kind of thinking to myself, "well why doesn't he unpack the box?"
He must see it too right?
I unpacked almost every single box in this house.
The least he could do is unpack this one teeny tiny box right?

I know I'm being irrational at this point and I should just unpack the darn box.

But, now I'm kind of curious to see how long it will sit there.

2 more weeks?
2 months?

Anyone want to take a wager?
I'm calling 3 more weeks.


  1. oh honey, I don't know your lovely husband but at my house the answer to how long would it take James to unpack that box?

    uh, forever...

    that's my guess!!

  2. I love that episode...i say throw the cheese in it!

  3. Confession: I have one too! And, my husband is blind to it too. Try putting it on his pillow. :)

  4. Andrea, I had this same situation with Matt when we were living in sin. A sleeping bag sat at the top of the stairs for three weeks and I finally cracked and asked him how long it was going to take before he'd put it away. He looked confused and said, "What sleeping bag?" I learned my lesson...I can get all bent out of shape and annoyed or jsut put it away myself because it will NEVER bother him enough to notice. My money is on another 10 days, unless he reads your blog. :o)

  5. Oooh Kate, living in sin! That is hilarious. 10 days huh? We shall see!
    And I think if I left it on the pillow he would give me the same expression as Matt, like "Hey, where did this come from?!"
    Ha-ha! The comments are making me chuckle :)

  6. umm.. Ok ladies... Let list the contents of the box, then determine who should put it away.


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