Monday, March 29, 2010

Had To Share...

...How $7.50 is making me a little happy right now:

When your favorite beauty supply store is having a 25% off everything sale, RUN, don't WALK! And find a fun accessory that you normally might be a little scared to try.

Headgear inspiration courtesy of this blogger


  1. i have to tell you that your real life fashion photos are totally inspiring me to step out of my box and try the things that i love, but for some reason don't wear. and i love that headband!

  2. You are so cute! Love the headband. I LOVE head pieces. I think you have just inspired a new post! I have been in a rut!

  3. That is so cute! & I love the 'real' model photoes too!
    Great blog! Following now!

  4. You are rocking the headwear Girl! Love it ;D

  5. Love it! And I walked right by 2nd St. Beauty the other day because I didn't want to bore Reed (he was with me). Stupid!

  6. Love your fab finds. I visited the same store this weekend. I spent $55 on product alone. I didn't even get around to the snazzy head gear. But with my short hair, I'd probably look like a freaky dude.

  7. Thanks ladies! girls with the short hair, don't be afraid to try this. One of my friends tried it on and she also has very short hair, and she looked so cute! very flapper girlish :)


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