Monday, March 29, 2010

This Weekend

We did a few things this weekend:
We went here
Spent over 2 hours here (why is this place such a black hole?)
Planted some grass in hopes that it will sprout in time for Easter

But, without a doubt, the highlight of the weekend was watching THIS:

My little girl learn how to ride her bike without her training wheels!
You would have thought she had learned to fly the way I was
jumping up and down and screaming!
It was awesome. Truly awesome.
For some reason even more exciting than when she took her first steps.
And there she goes.
All SmilesAnd in case you noticed, that little handle bar hooked to the back of her bike is called a
Balance Buddy. It's to prevent sore backs from really excited parents trying to teach their children to learn to ride with no handle bars. No more bending over and holding on with all your might. It's awesome. I highly recommend it.

I think for Sydney's birthday though instead of getting a bike with training wheels we will get him one of these. Anyone have one?


  1. We are right on the same page!!! Go check out my blog ;D

    I love your photos - soooo jealous! sniff, sniff!

  2. So cool Andrea! Go Taylor!! :)
    Those Skuut bikes are great. I think Syd would really like one.

  3. I've got 3 balance bikes (not skuuts but other pedal-less brands.) You're welcome to come try them out. Seth is getting quite good on his, and Davis has recently showed more interest, Audrey wont go near hers.

  4. Andrea, we have a Skuut, & have loved it. Luke (4 & 1/2) is still using his, but will definitely graduate to a regular bike (sans training wheels) as soon as the weather get a little warmer. Will (almost 2) can definitely start using it this summer. I think it is worth the money & it definitely gives them a sense of independence that they so crave. I guess the theory is that they can go straight to a reg. bike with no training wheels because they have learned the hardest part of biking, balance. Honestly, well worth the money!

  5. I think for sure we're going to try the Skuut for Syd. Art hated having the whole training wheel thing and kept saying it was a crutch haha! men are so funny with athletic ability and such. He was so anxious to get Taylor riding on her own.


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