Monday, March 15, 2010

How To Eat Spaghetti

For this demonstration, it first helps to have a scrumptiously cute 2 year old boy with the most awesome curly hair You start by twirling the spaghetti real good around your fork

It is an art form you know, getting a good twirl

Then take a BIG bite

And start the slurping!

Charlie, we have a loose noodle, copy that Bravo

C'mon buddy, you can do it! SLURP with all your might!

That's it, get a good hold on it with your lips. Don't let it get away!

You almost have it!

I know it's a monster of a noodle, but you're almost there!

Yes, bite it into submission if you have to!

Shoot, it's getting away again!

Now we're talking! Use that tongue boy!

Okay, okay, okay!

And you've got it in the bag!

VICTORY is yours!

Oh yeah, that's good isn't it?!?! Mommy's a good cook :)

YES!!! HAHAHA! That noodle's got nothing on you kid!

My bubba is the cutest little thing in my world. I love him so. Poor guy landed up in the ER this weekend after taking a nasty spill, resulting in two staples in the back of his head. He was a trooper through it all. Didn't even get a local anesthetic. OUCH! I tend to lean towards the dramatic, but even Mr. H was a little shook up by his accident. May this be the last of his head wounds for a while. From my lips to God's ears!


  1. Oh dear, he is CUTE!!!! I love spaghetti night ;D We call it "slooping" in my house. My boys love to sloop up their noodles. And I hope his noggin heals up okay. Thank god they have the hardest little heads.

  2. What I'm amazed about is how good his shirt looks through this all! He'd pretty adept!


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