Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Reason # 37 of Why I Am Certifiably Insane - Ode to St. Patty's Day

The other day as we're driving home from Preschool pick up, Taylor asks me, "Mommy is St. Patrick's Day the next holiday, or is Easter next?" I of course replied "St. Patrick's Day". She then replied, "Well then why didn't we decorate for St. Patrick's Day? Why did we already decorate for Easter? Mom, you're confusing me, you're tricking me!"

"Gee, sorry honey"...what are you supposed to say to that? This has been her shtick lately. I'm always confusing her and tricking her. Last weekend when we had to postpone a sleepover due to my strep throat, she accused me of tricking her and got very angry with me. Of course Taylor, I am contracting highly painful and contagious sicknesses for the sole purpose of tricking you. Ah, the mind of a 4 year old.

But of course, in a moment of weakness driving home yesterday, I started to feel guilty for not putting up any St. Patrick's Day decor, or doing any crafts. Truth be told, I don't really get the whole celebration, and I'm just not digging the kelly green. But, I am half Irish, and my maiden name is Fogarty. So I figured I better get on the bandwagon and throw up some shiny shamrocks.

I stopped at Joann's for some last minute decor, and while there, I thought it would be a fabulous idea to make Leprechaun traps, make some gold coins to use as bait, AND, make Taylor a cute green top to wear to school the next day, because the girl doesn't own anything green because it's a boy's color. Of course right? Of course.

This is at 5:30 pm last night mind you.

This is where the insanity part comes in.

So by 8 pm we had made our traps and gold coins and set them out to catch some pesky green fellas.

Taylor couldn't fall asleep, convinced that the Leprechauns were going to sneak into her room and blow dust in her eyes.

Thanks preschool for giving my imaginative daughter more fodder for bedtime delaying.

By 9:30 Art was ready to destroy the dream and tell her Leprechauns don't exist, but he resisted.

And here I am finally getting around to making her top at midnight.

This is the part where I thought to myself, why didn't I just go to Target? Oh I know why, because I felt the need to overcompensate due to the fact that I've forgotten the last 3 events at preschool including bike day (she was the only child bike-less), PJ day, and Olympics Week where she was supposed to wear red, white and blue.

So Taylor was going to wear green gosh darn it, and to make up for all my recent transgressions, it was going to be home-made!

Anyhoo, when all's said and done, it was worth it. She loved her top. They were both enchanted with the Leprechaun visit and the notes that were left for them. And a magical day was had at preschool, where Leprechauns left slimy footprints everywhere, turned the toilet water green and left shamrocks and gold nuggets everywhere.

{Leprechaun Traps set in our backyard}
{Syd finding his trap had been sprung}

{Coins and a note left by the pesky Leprechauns}

{Taylor reading her note}

{It was my workday at her preschool so I'm wearing my green chucks in celebration!}

It was fun seeing the holiday from a child's perspective, and I can now say that I am a fan of the St. Patty's Day. I'm going all out next year.

Luck of the Irish to You!


  1. That shirt you made for Taylor was darling. SO cute and not boy-like AT all. Love the traps too! And Syd in his robe put a smile on my face. Loved the post :)

    Cannot wait to read about the Jeggings debaucle. You defintiely need to get a pair that are more leggings than jeans. Check out Hue in the Hoseiry department!

  2. You're so clever! I love the little traps you guys made. And that shirt is so cute I'd like one in my size please.

  3. Ah! Love it, you nut! :)
    Top turned out super cute.

  4. Oh my gosh Andrea...too freaking cute! Right before you mentioning you should have gone to Target I was thinking the same exact thing! And (being a kelly green lover!) it is NOT a boy color only. I LOVE it!

  5. too cute. love the shirt, its darling. and the traps, i'd love to do those one year. very cute. very clever.

  6. HA! This post made me laugh. You are awesome. :)

  7. Cute, Cute, CUTE, cute, CuTe :D I love all your craftiness. If it makes you feel better, we pretty much skimmed over St. Patty's day. We wore green, but that is about it. And, I am glad that I am not the only preschool mommy who walks out of there smacking my forehead because I am always forgetting everything!


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