Monday, November 29, 2010

Shopping In My Robe

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I'm convinced that only those that have never worked retail shop Black Friday.  And I don't mean just stroll into the stores after waking up from your turkey induced coma.  I mean the crazies (yes, I'm talking to you), that wake up at 3 am and stand in line for "door busters" to get pajamas for $5.  No, thank you.  I worked those sales for years, back when they were still at the somewhat decent hour of 6 am, and still I will never look at Black Friday the same way again.  

I did spend my Black Friday browsing Etsy and Big Cartel though, in the comfort of my robe, and came across some really sweet and special gifts for family and friends.  Above are some of my finds.  I didn't purchase every single one, because we are scaling back this year, but the shops I found have the perfect gifts for certain loved ones that I'm bookmarking them for birthdays and such next year.  

Hurry, some are even having Cyber Monday sales today! 


  1. That first picture... I must have that! It would be perfect sitting over my little desk, in my own little space.

    And I don't do Black Friday. My time & sleep are more important to me than saving a few dollars. I also don't like being in highly congested areas, it makes me an angry woman. And no one wants to see that.

  2. that deer clutch is calling my name. i love it!! i'm with you on avoiding the stores on black friday. worked it for waaaayyy to long to step a foot in a door that day.

  3. Oh i love that feather plate! Thank you for sharing such lovely, beautiful things!

  4. I live in Canada so we don;t have a black friday but I can tell you I dont go out for the hunt on boxing day.. just doesnt make sense - i go the day after and find the same deal.. however I do admire the ones who have the courage to do it hehe

  5. Glad I keep good company with the non-crazies :)


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