Monday, November 1, 2010

Rappers, Holidays and Beauty Products Just About Sums It Up

Inadvertently my husband has saved me from myself.  I was going to post the long, sordid tale of how my children, with their 6 billion costume changes turned me into a crazy woman this Halloween weekend.  But alas, he drove off with the camera, so without the photos the story is somewhat meaningless, and hence no blog post.  So no, this momma is not going to do the obligatory Halloween blog post.

Say what?

Yes, I know, even Dooce did the usual mommy Halloween blog post, and managed to both offend me and make me chuckle all at the same time.  That dog of hers is a hoot I tell ya!  But really is it just me, but do you ever feel kinda dirty after reading her blog?  Anyone, anyone?
Anyhow, long story short, I ended up a frazzled mess because I ran around like a crazy woman buying/finding/making finishing touches on costumes that my children swore up and down they wanted to wear, only did not end up wearing for God knows what reasons.  For a brief moment I channeled a mix of Faye Dunaway in Mommy Dearest and Claire Dunphy from Modern Family.  It wasn't pretty.

So instead of the Halloween blog post, I thought I'd do my random gobbley-dey-gook and toss around a few thoughts floating around this old head of mine.

I was listening to the radio this morning, when lo and behold, Nelly's song Just a Dream came on and I thought to myself, "Self, where has Nelly been?"  I mean aside from the early years of this millennium, where he was rapping hits such as Hot In Here, Ride Wit' Me (you know how the song goes: "hey, must be the money!"), and that duet he did with the lesser part of Destiny's Child, he hasn't had any songs out lately.  Or are they called raps?  Not sure.  He labels himself a 'hip-hop' artist, so does that mean he's not a rapper?  Anyhow, I did a little wiki-wiki research and found that he's just been taking a creative break.  No jail time or anything like that, just a creative break.  Well good for you Nelly!  I utterly enjoy your country grammar and think no one adds the "uhs" and "c'mons" to a rap song as good as you.  Plus, you thoroughly endeared yourself to me with this video, detailing how you got your first gold tooth!

After posting these pictures, I am convinced now more than ever, that I need to change my facial cleansing regime.  I have told you that I was literally born with crows feet, but come on now!  In addition, I took a swab of alcohol to my face the other day and it picked up embarrassing amounts of dirt.  So not only am I developing the worst crows feet a 34 year old woman can have, I also have a dirty face.  Nice.  So tell me ladies, what facial cleansing/maintenance routine do you follow?  What creams, lotions and potions do you swear by?  I need some tips here because my usual routine of Neutrogena and Eucerin just ain't cutting it anymore.  Do you use toners, exfoliators, scrubbers, special brushes?  Please do share!

Lastly, today is the day I, along with all the other Pagans in America, start taking down our Halloween decorations and think about putting up any fall related/Thanksgiving type decorations that they have.  I have to admit that between Halloween, and the great gear up for Christmas, I usually get so petered out that I can't seem to summon the strength or energy to properly decorate for fall.  So this year (because I am brilliant to try and take on a new task after recently retuning to work full time), I want to change that.  Aside from a few pumpkins and a cute wreath, I've got nothing, nada, zilch in terms of turkey day decor.  I have already waxed our pretty fall leaves to make a simple leaf garland, but I'd like to do a bit more.  I saw this tutorial for a gorgeous garland, but really, am I going to have the time and patience to make it?  Not really.  Anyone have any links to simple, and I please mean simple, inspiration for Thanksgiving decor?  Oh, I know I could do a little Google search and come up with a gazillion hits, but I'd rather defer to you all and get a trusted referral.  Referrals are always the best right? 

And with that I bid you all adieu.  I have a husband at the office working late and a snuggly little boy in my bed that's just beggin' to be cuddled with!

p.s. please do not judge me for referencing Nelly.  Yes, I know he raps sings about nasty words and subjects, but I just can't help shaking my tail feather to his cleaner, KIIS FM versions.
p.p.s. also, please don't judge me for actually liking some of his works and think I have no taste in music.  In fact I hope that my playlist I revealed last week proves that I do in fact have very good taste in music, I just have momentary lapses in judgment. 
p.p.p.s. I tested out the strike out feature for the first time today in this blog post and I'm afraid I used it too much.  My apologies, because yes, I too think it's annoying when writers/bloggers constantly strike things out.
p.p.p.p.s. I also used the backwards slash too much in this post /.  Again, my apologies.


  1. You make me smile. Always. That is why you are my friend :)

  2. Love your blog.

    In my 30s my skin changed, got big pores, got dry and moisturiser wasn't cutting it. Tried Dermalogica, and fell in love with Dermalogica Cleansing Gel. It is expensive, but I only need one little drop every night, and my skin is super soft and clean and a big bottle has lasted me a couple of years, and now I can use any moisturiser I like.

    The good thing is, that they sell sample kits, so that you can try the products in smaller sizes.

    Julie Q
    NZ - that's in faraway New Zealand

  3. You crack me up! I loved the randomness of this post. As far as skin care, I've often got skin problems (hello there, breakouts), and I've found two lines that work really well for me: DDF and Murad. Good luck finding something that works best for you!

  4. dude. i love you. seriously. we'll ditch the husbands and get hitched. not that i'm … well… you know. but seriously. girls get girls, right?
    wow on that. a bit over the top and tmi. sorry.

    how bout i start over.

    wow. i really admire you. you have one lucky husband.
    {geeze o peeze that sounds better!}

    i say resist the urge to feel guilty for not harvest decorating. do you go all with summer decor? or spring decor? why feel the need to fall decorate? isn't christmas enough of a stress?

    i use arbonne products. the re9 set. i'm almost fifty {gah… in three more years!!} and i have nice-ish skin… but arbonne does give me reduced wrinklage and clean pores! {arbonne.com}

    oh. and sorry if i completely creeped you out. too much {waaaaaaay too much, actually} coffee this morning.

  5. Andrea, I too am blessed with crows feet. Must be the Irish skin. But the way I look at it is that you get crows feet from smiling, so if my crows feet are huge it's because I have done a lot of smiling!! We recently bought a Mac & I went crazy one day with the retouch feature in iphoto & took away all of the bags & crows feet...I looked younger, but weird. I've earned all of those lines!!!

    That being said (& this is probably a huge contradiction here!!) I use Dr. Weil's eye serum from Origins. I like it, but to be honest with you I don't know if it actually does anything, it just feels great.

  6. My approach to the care of my face is "less is more". I think we use too much on our face. But it's so easy with all of the cool products out there that claim to do so much!

    I wash my face morning and night with Cetaphil which is a gentle cleanser. I apply an SPF lotion for the day and skin rev-er upper by Bare Escentuals before applying makeup. At night I wash my face, swipe over a gentle toner, remove eye makeup, & apply a heavier lotion (I use one by Origins).

    And simple Thanksgiving decor.... that means NO decor in my house. ;o) I skip right over Thanksgiving, but we travel to family out of state for that holiday, so I don't see the point in decorating. Sometimes I'm lazy that way.

  7. Thanks for the morning chuckle and for getting It is Hot in Here...in my head for the day. : )

  8. First of all, you have great skin. What are a few crow's feet in the grand scheme of things? I am 31 and so far free of any wrinkles, so I will share what I do. Like a previous poster said, less is more. I wash my face once a day, in the morning, with a scrubby cleanser. Which one? Whatever's on sale and says "microbeads." Then I use a toner (Clinique 2 - can't live without it). In the morning I use Dramatically Different lotion. Whenever I remember, I give my face a little wash at night with cold cream (the rinse off kind) and follow it up with an big slather of Aquaphor. Greasy, yes, but it works like a charm. In the summer I'm a little oily so I usually just nix the makeup and don't wash my face at night. Naughty, perhaps, but my skin thanks me. Good luck!

  9. Ah thanks so much everyone for not making me feel like a complete loser for posting all this random crap. Sometimes it just feels good to get it out and clear my braing of the cobwebs haha! Thanks for all the beauty tips, it's fun and interesting to see what everyone is using. I really feel like i need to add a toner to my regime as I'm getting a lot of black heads (sorry for TMI).

  10. The toner I use is from BeautiControl, my mom sells it so I get it for free. I really like it, it's gentle and leaves my face feeling refreshed but not dried out. I tried one from Origins and did not like it at all.... really harsh on my face and left it red and irritated looking.

  11. Relax on the fall/thanksgiving decorations - just give yourself a break for goodness sakes!!
    As for Beauty - I really like the Bobbi Brown toner - just ran out:( I once read it was great for dry skin and have used it ever since. I starting using a new line of cleanser and lotion - Jurlique - all natural, super expensive - I'm a total sucker, but I do really like it.

  12. p.p.p.p.p.s -- i use parenthesis and side notes WAY to much. Oh and "read:"


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