Monday, November 22, 2010


I may have failed to mention in my previous post that, along with the 2 wine goblets we broke, 2 more of our "everyday" glasses were also broken.  Apparently the paper thin glasses that crack at the slightest provocation, didn't appreciate being toppled on by the goblets when they came crashing into the sink.  Lesson learned for leaving dishes to pile up in the sink?  Me thinks not.  Lesson learned to buy sturdier glasses. 

After the latest carnage on Friday, we were left with 5 large glasses and 1 paltry smaller glass.  In addition, we had 2 more incomplete sets of glassware, for a total of 3 glass combinations sitting on our shelf.  Up unto this point I have had a hard time parting with a set of glasses, even if they were not complete.  Am I alone in this?

I made a declaration that I was tired of living like a college co-ed and having a cabinet full of mismatched, half sets of glasses.  I'm a grown up damn it and it's about time my glasses reflected that.  Art just said, "whatever, go get some more glasses."  So we ventured to the South Coast Plaza Crate and Barrel on Saturday.  While I am not necessarily a fan of their overpriced furniture, I have been very pleased with the various kitchen items I have purchased there, including our everyday dishes, beverage canisters, and stemless wine glasses.  Clean, simple and high quality designs at affordable prices.

I asked the cute little sales guy what glasses he recommended that were sturdy and practical.  He instantly went for the kill and recommended the most expensive glasses, at $7.50 a pop.  Try again friend, try again.

He went on and on about how they were handmade and by far the most superior glasses they offered.  While he was trying to give me the hard sell, I had two children tugging at my arms practically screaming that they wanted to ride the escalator over and over.  I gave him a puzzled look, and wanted to ask if it appeared like I was leading a life that called for $7.50 glasses, but I refrained. 

I pointed to the $1.50 glasses .  "What about those?", I asked.  "Eh.  Those are okay, but they are man-made."  He gave me a few more reasons why I should reconsider buying el cheapo glasses, but all I could think was "Don't look down your nose at me."  He acted as if he was trying to explain to me the difference between Lanvin Haute Couture and Lanvin for H & M.  After a few sentences he could tell his pitch was lost on me.  I said rather politely that it didn't necessarily matter to me if they were hand made or man made, I just wanted to know if the glasses were sturdy.  His reply?  In a very exasperated, huffy breath he said "Well at $1.50 a piece you can just replace them each time they break."  And that is the problem with today's generation.  They think money just grows on trees.

I confirmed with Sarah, whose judgment on matters such as these I trust, that the $1.50 Impressions glasses were just fine, and that after 5 years of marriage and 2 children, she had not broken a single one.

Sold!  To the lady in the chunky sweater and knit hat with the 2 crazy kids.
I brought home a set of tall water glasses, short highball glasses (you know, for all the Scotch we drink), and a set of itty-bitty juice glasses, as pictured.  These are my favorite, so petite, so cute.

By the way, cute little sales guy.  Hoity toity?  Yes.  Good at counting?  Not so much.  He shorted me one glass, so I have 7 instead of 8 tall glasses.  My 8th guest at Thanksgiving is going to be drinking out of a red Dixie cup unless I can convince Crate & Barrel to spend $15 to overnight an item that costs $1.50.  What do you think my chances are?


  1. Dying. I kid you not.. I just packed up a box of impressions and took them to goodwill today. What are the odds??? We also had mismatched ones and they got the cut. If only I'd waited!!!

  2. Too funny, we went through the same thing. Maura has our thanksgiving dinner table already set as from Sunday, but she wasn't happy with the glasses either. A trip to Cost Plus and 12 new glasses later has saved the day.

  3. Love the story. Love the glasses!

  4. Just bought a few boxes of Impressions at Kohls on Sunday. LOVE them. Great price. Sturdy. Little hands can hold them easily. Yay. :)

  5. Oh, you crack me up! I would have bought the $1.50 ones too, by the way. Can't wait to hear how they hold up...

  6. hmm what did you do with your mismatches - just curious? I too love your large canister and may be borrowing it once again but to fill with a very yummy mixed cocktail for our party

  7. That would totally irritate me to get home and find out the idiot left out one glass. ESPECIALLY since the trip to South Coast isn't right around the corner. UGH! And I would have bought the cheaper ones too. $7.50 for one glass..whatever!!

  8. Miranda, I threw them out for the first time ever. We offered them to Manuela and she originally said yes, then left them here. I couldn't stand seeing them sit here for another 2 weeks so I tossed them this morning.

  9. I hate snotty sales people that can't count! :D Good choice on the glasses!

  10. I love those glasses...did you get the nortica flatware?? thats another fav at Crate and Barrel.. BTW your table looks fab!!


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