Friday, November 12, 2010


I could get annoyed that the tent the kids begged Art to put up 2 weekends ago is still sitting in our backyard, killing our lawn, being an eyesore when I look out back through my big picture window.  But when I see them running outside every morning to play in it, I realize that there are more important things in life to get worked  up over.  And truth be told, the grass is pretty much already dead.


  1. How fun for them, I am the same way, but my kids would LOVE this too!

  2. i like your perspective, and i actually think the view is pretty cute.

  3. Tents were meant to annoy mothers and entertain kids. That's why they were invented.

  4. They have two "castle" tents at Costco right now, beware. A pink princess type one and a stone, Hogwarts/knight type one. I told my Mom NO.

  5. that is so fun! i hope my future kids want to do that :)


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