Sunday, November 14, 2010

Looks 1-7 Recap - 30 x 30 Challenge

The biggest challenge thus far has not been working with only 30 items in my closet, or not shopping, but taking a dang picture every single day.  Between rushed mornings and early sunsets, I was only able to take pictures the first two days.  The rest of the 5 looks were all shot this morning before church.  Thank goodness for patient husbands is all I've got to say.  I do think I should get an A for effort though for at least trying to make it look like the shots were all taken on different days, with the different hairstyles and jewelry changes and all.  Obviously all my efforts were pointless though now that I am divulging my dirty little secret.  But like always, I cannot tell a lie.

So here are the details on each outfit:
#1: Go here to get the specifics por favor

#2: Floral tunic by Tucker for Target, Army Green Toothpick Trousers from J. Crew, Boots from Michael Kors, Cute kid not available in stores or online, but filthy blankie is by Little Giraffe via Nordstrom

#3: My absolute favorite outfit right now.  Long Mermaid Skirt, Cashmere Blanket Sweater and Long Sleeve T-Shirt all from my job.  The skirt especially is amazing.

#4: Cowl Neck Top from my job, Skinny Jeans from Gap, Boots from Michael Kors, Leather Bracelet from J. Crew

#5: Blouse by Tucker for Target, Skinny Jeans from Gap, Gold Belt from Old Navy, Necklace from Juicy Couture, Boots from Dolce Vita

#6: Jacket and T-Shirt from my job; Jeans by Hudson, Gap City Flats, Earrings by Vera Wang for Kohl's

#7: Bolero Jacket & Tank from my job; Jeans by Hudson, Gap City Flats, Earrings by Vera Wang for Kohl's, Leaf Necklace from Gap

This week I'll be in NYC for 3 days so it will be challenging to take pictures, but I'll at least try to get some with my camera phone.  Wish me luck on my trip please.  I am having major anxiety about leaving the kids for the first time, and I'm nervous for my appointments.  It's the first time I show the line at this new company, so it will be a whole new experience for me.

I'm also taking this opportunity to finally link up to Lindsey's What I Wore Wednesday posts.  I have been wanting to link up for ages but haven't had the opportunity to get my act together and take pictures all week!  So I know this is a week old, but what the heck!

Here's to a great week everyone!


  1. You look amazing. #2, 5 and 6 are my favs! I am just loving your outfits with boots! Taking pics is hard and I wish I had someone patient like Art to take my pics. Send him my kudos! Can't believe you did 5 outfit changes!

    You will FANTASTIC this week! You have an amazing personality and you are super smart and savvy! Missing the kids will be hard but you will come out stronger!


    Love you! XO

  2. great first week, looking forward to following you and seeing more!

  3. Fabulous~ outfit #5 is my personal favorite. Definitely thinking about you this week in your travels. You'll do wonderfully, I'm sure!

  4. I'm trying to apply the layering technique more. You do it so well and make it look easy, but I'm always afraid I'll layer stuff the wrong way, or just add weight to myself.

    I'm super short wasted, larger chested, with skinny legs.... so I also like the skinny jean/tunic style. Maybe I'll just print of these pics of you and carry them with me to the store. LOL! Just thinking of that makes me laugh for some reason.

  5. I love your hairstyles (outfits too of course). Great first week!


  6. I love the orange Tucker tunic. I tried it on and the colors looked really bad on me! :( You look great in all the pics... love the bangs too!

  7. #2 is my favorite! can i borrow? :)

  8. Okay - these are great Looks! I give you credit - it is hard to get the photos taken each and every day. I wouldn't have never guessed that you did them all at once. :D Great work.

  9. Number two is my favorite. That tunic is not for everyone, but you look wonderful and the pants are perfect with it.
    You are wearing it well in your professional photo shoot as well.
    The Auspicious Life


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