Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful On Paper - My Dad

I had a hard time writing this week's letter.  Truth be told I haven't even sent it out.  The letter goes to my dad.  Quite simply, I want to thank him for being an amazing grandfather.  For trying to ask for forgiveness, make up for past wrongs, through his time and actions as a grandfather.  I want to thank him for putting up with my abuse.  Sometimes I still feel like a teenager the way we go back and forth, tit for tat.  I give him such a hard time and I am realizing that it's getting old and I need to stop.  He loves me nonetheless despite of it all, and still calls every week just to check in.  See how I'm liking my job, see how traffic is going, offering alternative routes for me to try.  He drives me crazy sometimes, but I love him.     

p.s. if it seems like I'm rushing through this post, well I am.  I didn't realize that I'd instantly start crying as I type.  Obviously I have some things I'd like to say to my dad.


  1. that's awesome! And I am very envious of your relationship with your father. When I hear grown women speak of their fathers in this way I feel an overwhelming happiness that my daughter will be able to say the same of her relationship with her father. Awesome!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I kind of wanted to give you a hug after reading this post... Your dad will appreciate your words so much, and this is the perfect time of year to say thank you. Thanks for sharing this bit of yourself with your readers!

  3. very touching. I need to write a similar letter to my mom who is a WONDERFUL grandmother, but takes much unnecessary abuse from me about past parental mistakes.

    We are both so very lucky to still have both our parents in our lives. I hope we both can show our true gratitude toward them.

    Happy weekend!

  4. Sweet post and had me teary. I had a great relationship with my dad and wished he was still here (passed away in 2002). Unfortunately, never met Kiran. But, I am truly blessed to have my mom!

  5. I am crying (i should video it for you since its rare sight)...I have seen your relationship with your father and its beautiful. I love my father and when i think of all the ways i am thankful for him, i cry my eyes out. Maybe one day i can get it on paper too...xoxo Love you friend and i adore your dad too!!

  6. sweet. true. honest.
    Lovely post....and I hear ya sister, got some stuff to say to my Dad too.


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