Friday, November 19, 2010

Gobble dey Gook on Marriage

Art and I have been married eleven and a half years. In that time, we have never broken a piece of our wedding china or our goblets. We drink wine out of our goblets often. In the last 2 days we have broken 2 goblets. One yesterday and one today.

As I was huffing around the house I said “This is a sign. What does it mean?”

As a side note, I strongly believe in Karma and am highly superstitious and always think God is somehow trying to punish me if something bad happens. I have a huge persecution complex, and I am the eternal pessimist in the relationship. I am like Chicken Little, always running around saying "the sky is falling, the sky is falling!"  I sound like a lot of fun, huh? Wanna come hang out with me? I promise I’m not actually that bad and only those closest to me know of my true neuroses.

Art on the other hand is the eternal optimist and firmly believes that God and His subsequent Universe, only have good wishes for us, therefore he never really sees things as a “sign”, but just happenstance.

So when I ask him “Don’t you think it’s a sign?” in regards to breaking 2 glasses in 2 days, after not breaking a single one in the first 11 ½ years of marriage, his response was simply:

“I take it as a sign that gravity still exists.”

Well done, Mr. Howe.


  1. Love that response! Too funny. I will say I am with you on the pessimist thing...maybe it's a girl thing or a mom/wife thing? By the way, we broke ALL of our wedding wine glasses within the first two years of marriage. So what does THAT say!? I think it just says we drink too much wine and we need plastic wine glasses!

  2. I love Art's response! its perfect! laughed out loud!

  3. GREAT response. I love how you keep each other grounded! And really, are all men that sensible??

  4. So funny...this could totally be a story about my marriage. Only...we have been married 11 yrs in January, personalities reversed and our last name isn't Howe. :)

  5. great answer.
    I love it when couples complement each other like that...great story.

  6. So funny! My husband and I (married for 12 1/2 years) are the EXACT same as you two. He would have responded the same way. I'm so thankful he is that way... helps balance out all of my worry and craziness.

  7. Maybe it is just a sign that you can go out and buy some new trendy glasses.

    Julie Q

  8. LOL, I like Arts attitude, AND I also believe, like you do, that things happen for a reason.. so maybe it means its time to get new goblets? I guess the trick is to not get too deep and significant about it, but be present to things changing.. I dunno :)

    on another note, great style and outfits... I hope the rest of your 30 for 30 goes well... I am a fellow mixer and am just having a tea, crusin around visiting other bloggers seeing whats happenin :)

    nice to meet you!!
    cheers, Jodi


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