Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our 4th - 2011 Style

We managed to keep the kids occupied until the cousins arrived (thanks for the sweet words about the decorations too :)  And once they arrived, the 4th pretty much revolved around water.  And one day I know they'll be jumping off the garage roof into the pool.  I am not naive ;)
Lots and lots of eating
Celebrating America's birthday, and Char-Char's.  
With 12 cousins, we pretty much have a birthday every single month now.
And lots of fireworks.  
Turns out there's one upside of having a dirt pit in our backyard still; perfect foundation for fireworks.
The littles just love sparklers.  We're a big fireworks family.  
We had to tell Dad not to bring his Roman Candles from Parump, NV though.  
Seriously, he asked the morning of the 4th if he could bring them.  True story.
And because they didn't get enough water play yesterday...water balloons this morning.
We went through an entire bag.  And this little attachment is just about the coolest little gizmo ever.  You hook it onto your spout and the water balloon just slips right on, and then it has a pressure valve that you turn on and off.  No stretching the balloon over the spout, to have half of them break or slip off and get you soaking wet.  It came with a pack of water balloons a couple years back and we've got lots of use out of it!  If you ever see one, pick it up, you'll love it!
Syd started a new trend of squeezing a water balloon on his head until it pops.  
Whatever floats your boat I guess?
It's been some good times, but I am exhausted.  Need to definitely slow it down next week.  How was your 4th of July?  Hoping it was wonderful :)


  1. So cute. Looks like your kiddos had a great time playing in the water and doing fireworks! And, I LOVE the color on your toes. ;)

  2. Looks like fun! We should organize a big water balloon party.


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