Friday, July 29, 2011

Thoughts of the Week - Going To The Gym!

Hi guys!  How has everyone's week been?  Ours has actually been pretty uneventful which is nice, I love a quiet schedule.  This means the kids get a little more restless but we always seem to find something fun to do at home.  Other than the progress of the backyard, the quest for a healthier me, a healthier family continues this week.  I've stayed steadfast on my coffee-less mission, although have brewed a couple of cups of decaf, which does in fact taste just as good as regular.  I'm definitely not as tired this week which I'm so grateful for, and I'm also grateful for all the encouragement.  Thanks so much.  For the last 4-5 weeks I've also finally gotten back into a consistent workout routine that goes something like this:

Sunday-Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 45 minute Cardio mix of Precor machine and running
Wednesday: Core Central class with Zoe (she whoops and hollers in a high pitched voice a lot but she's over 50 and kicks major butt, so I totally forgive the whooping it up)
Thursday: Shadow Boxing class with Lori (she just yells at us but manages to do it in a not scary Jiliian Michaels sort of way.  She is over 40 and is so incredibly strong and fit you can't help but be inspired)
Friday (if I can squeeze it in): Jillian Michaels type of workout from my 30 Day Shred book
Saturday: Rest
The shadow boxing class is my favorite by far.  I feel strong and powerful during and afterwards and I swear you need at least one day in your exercise routine to get you going and keep you going.  I totally like to imagine that I could actually box somebodies daylights out with a jab/cross/punch combo if I needed to in a dark parking lot, but I'm sure I actually could not.  Either way it's the one day of exercise I look forward to each week.  
I do feel stronger and healthier now that I've gotten consistent again.  I can go longer, push harder, and my legs are starting to tone up again.  But I've gotta say I am getting a little discouraged.  I swear I'm not one of those gals that constantly looks at the scale (ours at home doesn't even have batteries) and I don't judge my happiness by my weight, really I just go by how my clothes fit.  But when your shorts from last summer start riding up your crotch, no matter what size you are it just ain't cool.  These pants I fit into lat month fit almost like leggings when I put them on the other day, and finally to confirm my suspicions, the sales girl that measured me yesterday gave me the news, I have grown a full cup size.  My husband was pleased, but me not so much.  I weighed myself and sure enough, I've gained over 5 pounds in the last few weeks, making my total weight gain almost 20 pounds in the last year (at 5'10" I can hide my weight gain fairly well, but it's there).  Maybe I'm pregnant?  KIDDING!
I'm pressing on and trying to not let it get me down because of course I know there are much more important things in life to worry about, but it's just a bit of a bummer after working hard for the last few weeks.  I'm hoping the recent weight gain is just a combo of some muscle and water weight from no longer drinking so much caffeine, which is a diuretic.  Either way I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing regardless of what I weigh because it FEELS GOOD to get my sweat on!  Has anyone else ever experienced this type of set back when starting up a workout routine?   

Oh and the healthier family part I mentioned up top?  We're red meat free for almost 2 weeks now!  I was telling Miranda that we all love red meat in this house and would probably keep it in our diet if the grass fed variety was cheaper, but I just can't stomach spending at least $10/pound for organic beef.  We really don't love it that much ;)  The kids and Art could really care less, but I'm sure he'll be ordering beef now every time we go out to dinner.  And even our sweet dog Maddie got a health check yesterday.  At 10 years old she passed with flying colors.  
  so gross but couldn't resist; Syd and Maddie have always had a close relationship, sharing everything  :)

have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I can totally relate to the frustration of working out and not seeing the numbers on the scale move. I started doing Jillian Michaels' 30-day-shred when I was 5 weeks postpartum, and I thought for sure the weight would fall off quickly. I worked out 3-4 times a week for over a month, and I did not lose a pound! I saw my body changing and toning up, but I was frustrated that I still weighed the same. My husband kept telling me "You're gaining muscle, and that weighs more than fat" but let's be real... I want to lose weight! Anyway, now I have slacked off on the working out and go figure I have lost 5 pounds.

  2. I love that pillow!! It would be such a great reminder!! and that nike ad it great!!!

    I saw a pillow at a boutique that said on one side "tonight", and on the other it said "not tonight". I feel like every woman needs that pillow and the "go to the gym", our lives might be simpler and motivating :)

    Good luck on all your workouts!! sounds intense...and wonderful


  3. Great thoughts! I work out 5-6 days a week, I haven't done any classes if I do that type of setting at all it's Tony Horton
    (p90x), but normally I am my own coach and I kick my own butt daily!

  4. I'm right there with you on wanting..NEEDING to get back in shape! I can't stand how "soft" I've become. BTW I'm so NOT a runner, but if you ever need a friend to jog with...I'm just a few blocks away!

  5. My feet hurt from kicking so much ass! LOL. Love it.

    Good for you, sounds like an intense workout regimen.

    I did JM's shred this morning.
    No shower today, but I got my workout in. Sigh.

  6. Ugh, I need to go to the gym on a more consistent basis...

    xx Grace

  7. I HATE the scale. Hate it. I wish I could say the numbers don't matter, but for most of my life they have--and I am confident that obsession is what put me on a roller coaster diet history. I weigh a lot, always have. Even as a size 4 I was a curvy size 4 who weighed as much as some size 8s.

    Did I care that I was a size 4 with an adorable figure? No, I wanted to be 115 pounds. Why? WHY?! What different did it make if I weighed 150 v 130 v 115 if I was a healthy size? This is what I have been working on for months. That little corner of my brain that is screwy. I'm getting better, but am nowhere near healed.

    All this to say, I totally hear you.

    I think you're right about the water weight and coffee. Also, I'm going to paraphrase something I read or heard that made sense and gave me some comfort. I may not say it right, but here goes. When you exercise daily you damage your muscles. Any time you exercise you damage your muscles, and it's actually good for you--you want to do that. But with that damage comes your usual swelling and repair mechanisms in the body. All these processes can lead to a false weight gain or stagnant weight loss when you first start working out. It resolves itself on its own as you continue to exercise consistently over time.

  8. Way to go!!!!
    My husband raises and sells grass fed beef, wish there was a way to get it to you! We are hoping to turn it into an online business next year so you can order it from anywhere. I will have to let you know when its up and running!

  9. I have to start working out again. I've kinda fallen off the wagon as of late. I really want to start running...I have heard it's great for moms. I've also gained weight this year...I'm only 5'5" though :( My butt is telling on me lately...ugh.

  10. so hear you!!
    i just got back from eleven days away. um, you can't pay me to step on the scale. ha.
    starting over with the daily shred tonight, it helped me lose a few inches. and no pounds, so far:)

    i will likely drink coffee until i die. we only eat the grass fed angus beef we pick up locally. so good and good for us!


  11. I used to run three miles a day--but haven't done it since some stupid stones in February. I need to do something-I can do something. I will do something!! I'm trying to be sugar-less--no more white stuff for me.


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