Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Basic Isnt Always Better

Hi friends!  I thought I'd share the guest post I wrote for Jenn at Ruffled Sunshine a couple of weeks back in case you missed it.  I know you've probably already seen most of these pictures, but the content is a little fresh and updated.  I shared some of the things I keep in mind when shopping and choosing my outfit for the day.  Keep in mind that the content was written under the context of someone reading me for the first time :)  I hope you enjoy it if you didn't get to see it over on Jenn's blog.  And this will officially be the last time you hear from me for a few days!  All the groceries have been purchased and now I just have to pack, the most fun part right?  Haha, right!

Basic Isn't Always Better is the whole premise that I try to build my wardrobe on.  When I first became a mom, I stayed home with my daughter for the first year of her life before I went back to work.  I was dealing with an infant and I was on a budget, so I developed this mindset that each new piece of clothing I bought or wore had to be basic so that I could wear it multiple times and with many different outfits.  But what I quickly found was that I just looked the same everyday and my closet didn't bring me any joy.  For me, getting dressed helps me feel good and is something I look forward to everyday.  It's my creative outlet.  So when everything in my closet shifted to solid colors with nothing as a stand out piece, I quickly lost my zest for looking good.  Look good, feel good is my motto :)

Now, to help me stay out of that basic is better rut, when getting dressed in the morning I try to incorporate at least one of these four things into my outfit. 

1. Pops of Color - You can be wearing simple blue jeans and a pair of flip flops, but if you've got a bright pop of color on top, you instantly feel a lift in your spirits.  I swear wearing a bright color makes you smile more.  It's almost impossible to be down when you see your reflection in the mirror.
2. Fun Prints - Whether it's a bold graphic, a feminine floral or a nautical stripe, incorporating some sort of print into your look gives you an instant dose of style.  I usually keep the accessories to a minimum if wearing a bold print, which makes getting dressed even easier.  Let your print be your accessory.
3. Shoes With Style - I love shoes.  Give me a cute pair of shoes and I'm a happy girl.  I love that they can make the simplest of outfits chic, and elevate it to a whole other level.  They don't need to be fancy or dramatic, just a subtle detail can make all the difference.  The right shade of leather or an interesting detail take a pair of shoes from 'meh' to wow!  And I'd rather have 1 pair of good shoes than 3 pairs of cheap shoes, without a doubt.   
4. Well Appointed Accessories - Accessories stress me out so I usually try to keep it pretty simple.  I only have about 6 pairs of earrings, 3-4 necklaces and 2 statement rings I keep on rotation.  And a couple of hats.  Accessories can be tricky when caring for little kids and can get in the way, but a cute necklace or a sweet pair of earrings can make all the difference.  And hats do keep the sun out of your face ;)


  1. seriously i could wear my jammies all day. though you would be proud of me today Andrea, i put on heels!

    thank you for helping the fashion-challenged :)

  2. Great tips, Andrea! Really like your style and suggestions. You look lovely as always.

  3. Love the hat....and the shoes. Such fun outfits. I need to move past the ball caps and try something with style. YOu look great!

  4. LOVE your orange skirt and straw hat! Great advice!



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