Saturday, May 21, 2011

Shopping On a Budget With Jami

Hi Four Flights readers, my name is Jami and I blog over at Call Me Blessed.  I love to shop. I mean I REALLY love to shop. Clothes, decor, makeup...you name it, I like to shop for it. Here is the tricky part...
 As a stay at home Mommy of 4 it is my job to stretch the dollars my hubby makes as far as possible.  This both honors the hard work he does to support us and gives me a continual challenge. Having a budget is crucial.  The good news is I've noticed the pieces I get the most compliments on are usually the things that were very affordable, yeah! By the way, when I get the compliment I feel the need to blurt out where I got the item and how much is cost. Am I the only one that does that? Anyone, anyone? 
Today's post is all about shoes and accessories. This is the easiest way to for me to add some fun and color to my wardrobe.

Case in point...

Shoes from Ross. I just love the back of these! 
{please ignore the price tags on the inside I was too lazy to remove}

Boots from Famous Footwear {Steve Madden knock offs}

Shoes from a store in Santa Barbara {can't remember the name}
Some of my favorite accessories
earrings from Picking Blueberries - $5
belt from Marshall's - $16
bracelet from Ann Taylor Loft - $10

One of my many pairs of glasses from here.
$8 {and yes, they are prescription}

You don't have to spend a lot of money to have wonderful things in your wardrobe and sometimes it's these little things that people notice most.
Happy shopping friends!


  1. amen! budgets are key to this household too.
    i have been practicing just saying "thank you" when i get compliments-i am notorious for blurting out the deal:) sometimes i want to boast about the deal, and other times, it's like i don't want people thinking i paid full price for a big ticket item!
    i am weird.

  2. Great deals on super cute items. I'm a blurter too.

  3. I love a bargain, and as a stay at home Momma a budget is den. key.I love the mustard flats.

  4. Ok so what shoe size are you...ya know just in case I need to borrow shoes in September:) Love ya Jami girl!

  5. I love how you explained that being careful with money honors our husbands. So true! Awesome finds!!!

  6. I can't even stop myself from blurting out the great price I found. So even if we're alone, we're together! Super cute buys!


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