Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thoughts of the Week - Blogger Fail & Stage Moms

I think about blogging A LOT.  Some would say I'm obsessive, but then again I'm obsessive about a lot of things, it's just in my gene pool; you should meet my dad.  I love blogging but sometimes I think about it a little too much.  So when blogger went on the fritz Thursday and Friday, at first I was a little miffed, and then after about 3 hours I was relieved.  Sort of like I had been let off the hook for a bit.  Like when the power goes out at your job and at first you're irritated because it's going to mess with your deadline, and then after a while the boss let's you go and you're like "Yahoo, that was a blessing in disguise!"?  Sort of like that...and man was I productive.  I actually folded laundry , went to the gym sans phone and fed the kids something other than goldfish to stave off starvation (kidding!). 

It was a bit funny seeing people freak out so much on Twitter.  It's like some didn't know what to do, so they started Pinning, posting pictures to Facebook, working on their Tumblr more.   For a time Twitter even went over capacity and it's like the world was coming to an end.   Now I know that there's plenty of people that make their livelihood off their blog and so for that it did suck, but for the rest of us that just do this as a hobby, our worlds could still do go on, quite nicely actually.
When I saw a tweet from someone jubilantly claiming that "Blogger's back up, I can get into my blog, thank GOD!" I just thought to myself, already?  Damn, I was sort of getting used to this mini vacation.  What were your thoughts on the blogger fail?  But all joking aside, it's fun to be back up and running and chatting.  :)  Thanks for reading by the way!

In other news, I dressed my 6 year old daughter up like a bit of a tart Friday for picture day at her ballet studio, complete with foundation and eyeliner.  Next I'll be giving her botox injections and waxing unsightly body hair.  Such is the life of a stage mother I guess.
Really though, I'm going to have to rethink this whole ballet recital thing for the makeup requirements alone.  It felt oh so wrong telling my daughter to hold still while mommy applies some mascara.  To make matters worse, I noticed afterward that they applied even more red lipstick to her lips after she was ushered into the studio, I guess to better define them?  No words people, no words.


  1. I was annoyed with the whole BLOGER being down because I try to post a picture daily--and it couldn't happen with it not being up and running. . .that said, it also caused me to do a little thinking about my blog--my original purpose was to get to know my Canon and take pics to put in my Project Life book--but now? I'm a thinkin'...time down was a good thing. As for the dance--I wrote a post for tom. about my daughter's two year stint on a dance team. She's eight. It's crazy--craziness--end of story. End of dance for us tonight too: )

  2. i was only annoyed with blogger for a few minutes. i had a mini fit and then it dawned on me: there is more to life:)

    um, i saw that botox-pageant segment too and FLIPPED my lid with disgust. so sad and disturbing.
    your sweet girl looks adorable, sorry they painted her further-what on earth are people thinking?

    anyway-love your blog, andrea!
    happy saturday!

  3. man, is that what i have to look forward to? lilly just had her second class today. i don't know if i'm ready for this!

  4. I must have that print up top. Perfectly describes my life.

    And I am embarrassed about how bothered I was with blogger's outage!

  5. I was checking blogger a bit too often to see if it was up and then I realized that I had to get a life! Your daughter's costume is so pretty and I love her hair (and make-up). I always think I'm cool with 3 boys and 0 girls until pics like that! Happy weekend to you.

  6. i kinda liked the blogger break too. and about the lipstick, omg. when mine was in dance (from ages 3-5) the "suggested" blush and RED lipstick for the recital looked RIDICULOUS on those baby girls. i resisted it for the first two years and then when she was 5, I caved and dolled her up a little because she was dressed as a penguin, had no hair showing, and wanted to look a little more girly. turned out pretty cute. your little friend looks beautiful!

  7. I didn't even know about Blogger being down until it was almost already back up!!! :O) Seriously, I was cracking up laughing that I somehow was oblivious to the entire thing.

    My daughter was in dance (and will be again this year because she misses it) so we've done the makeup a few times for recitals. She loves it.. it's one of her favorite parts. But she's also likes wearing her brother's hand me down athletic clothes, so there is a balance for sure. Her costume is gorgeous!

  8. It was a little crazy how intense the reaction was on Twitter about whole Blogger fiasco. Of course, I pitched my own little mini-fit when I realized a post of mine has been lost to cyberspace... Then I remembered that no matter how fun blogging is, it's such a minor part of this life. Better to enjoy the reality around me, I think. :)


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