Sunday, May 8, 2011

Shop Your Own Closet Challenge

Well hello there friends!  How was your weekend, how was your Mother's Day?  Did you do anything special?  Me, I cleaned.  Yes, on Mother's Day and it felt GREAT!  I had willing participants, I had time, I scaled back on our schedule and I got my house in shape to start the week.  What a freeing feeling.  I did start with lots of cuddles and breakfast in bed and read for an hour because I'm not that crazy ;)  We were free by lunch time for some Pei Wei and then to my mom's for dinner with the family.

One of the things I did accomplish was giving my closet a little spring cleaning by rotating out sweaters, heavy pants and jackets.  I came across a few pieces that I haven't worn in the longest time, but would love to rotate into an outfit soon.  After a month filled with birthdays, taxes and anniversaries in April, the wallet needs a break so I'm going to be shopping from my own closet for a bit.  It might be fun to come up with new and creative ways to wear some of these things I used to love so much but haven't worn in years.  Here's what I'll be playing with:
1. Cheetah Romper: Wow the romper trend came and went fast now didn't it?  The last time I wore this was last July and I actually did a fun P&L post on it last June.  While I love the print, I just can't see myself wearing this again as a romper.  I'm glad I only paid $38 for it.  I'm thinking I might try to hack it in half and wear it as a pair of shorts or a blouse.  I think either would be cute if I could make it work.

2. Denim Jacket: I haven't worn this since the Spring of 2006.  I love the pearl, lace and sequin detail, but the cropped length makes it very difficult to wear with anything other than a dress, which is how I originally wore it to Taylor's dedication at church.  I'd like to find a funkier, more casual way to wear it with something I have IN my closet.  A nice pair of high waisted chinos would be fab, but alas not in my closet already.

3. J. Crew Coral Skirt: Yes, it's a skirt even though it looks like a pair of shorts with the front and back slits.  Oh my goodness I have held onto this skirt since 2001!  It's moved with me to 3 different houses and I just can't seem to let go of it even though I haven't worn it in 10 years.  I love the color, the fabric and the top stitch detail, but it just doesn't seem very practical now a days.  I'm thinking if I can make it look decent with a pair of flat sandals, it might be mom appropriate.  We'll see.  I definitely think this will be the toughest.

4. Linen Printed Jacket: It's been about 4 years since I've worn this piece.  I love the bright colors but the length again is a little odd.  I have a long torso so unless I wear it with a long enough shirt I feel awkward.  I think I might have something it could work with though... 

I'll post my first outfit on Thursday this week.  Do you think you might want to play along?  If so, come back this Thursday and link up your outfit.  Just shop your own closet and choose an item that you haven't worn in at least 6 months.  Style it in a new and fun way and link up!

And while I did take the month of March off from posting my spend recap (remember my confessions post?), I'll be back tomorrow to post my April spend recap from Project 2011 Buy Less, Give More.  I'll also announce the details of the May service project and announce how we did for the April Service Project - Joyful Life Library Book Drive.  See you back tomorrow!  Until then, have a fantastic Monday.


  1. Interesting pieces! Can't wait to see you style them in outfits.

    I also recently did a bit of a closet switcharoo and put myself on a week-long challenge to only wear shirts (I own like 10 and never wear them!).

  2. LOL Andi, I cleaned too! I'm excited to see you hack into the jumpsuit and what you come up with!

  3. Love the last jacket! Old navy tanks are always great for that cuz they are long. Fun idea! I'll have to check my closet. With the amount of time I spend on easy lately my wallet could use a break too;)

  4. I need to revamp all the closets in my house and get back to the basics...for my wallet and my sanity! Love the linen jacket!

  5. Um, yay! You know what this reminds me of? Kendi's 30 for 30, only smaller & more doable... Plus you're working with pieces you otherwise might have given up on, which is sure to make for some fun and unique outfits! (Necessity is the mother of invention, and all that jazz!) I can't wait to see what you come up with! (And thanks for the sweatshirt advice... I'm still undecided, but your input helped!)

  6. Those seem like fun pieces to work into outfits! I love that coral colored skirt...and I don't blame you for holding onto it!


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