Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Shop Your Own Closet Challenge - Round 1

{Jacket - local boutique 6 years ago;T Shirt - James Perse; Shorts - Forever 21; Shoes - Anthropologie; 
Handbag - very old Prada; Bracelets & Necklace - Forever 21; Watch - Michele}

Well look what we have here, a jacket resurrected from the dead.  I loved this jacket from the moment I saw it at a local boutique 6 years ago.  Feminine girly details of sequin, lace and pearls on denim felt just right and the price was even more right; I think I paid $29 for this.  I got a lot of good use out of it the first year I owned it and wore it to countless showers and Taylor's dedication.  Over a dress, this was very much a "shower" type of outfit appropriate for both the marriage and baby.  I loved the heck out of it for that year.  And then it somehow made it to the back of the closet for the last few years.

So I came up with a challenge for myself; pick 4 pieces that I still love but haven't worn in the last several years and revamp them for my current lifestyle and current trends.  I chose this jacket first and I'm quite happy with how the restyling went.  What I did was:
  • Roll and push up the sleeves to give it a more casual, edgy look
  • Pair it with something other than a dress or skirt to make it more appropriate for everyday wear
  • Layer over a T-shirt to enhance the casual ease of the piece
  • Accessorize with a few subtle but funky pieces, mainly the chunky stacked bracelet look and a very simple leaf necklace
Due to the proportions of the jacket, I wanted to wear it with a high waisted pair of pants or shorts.  I originally thought chinos would be nice but since I couldn't justify buying anything new, I remembered I had these high waisted shorts in my drawer from last year, originally seen here.  They worked out perfectly.

And just when I thought I really couldn't say anything else about restyling a 6 year old $29 jacket, it turns out that yes, I can.  We had Syd's speech assesment today with the Speech Therapist and District Rep so I wanted to look respectable and I think I achieved that.  Luckily this outfit was comfortable enough that I ended up wearing it all day, even to swim lessons and while making dinner, so it's definitely mom approved.

So what piece should I restyle next guys?  

p.s I found a picture from back in 2006 showing how I originally wore it. This was taken the day of Taylor's dedication :)


  1. cute cute! as usual. love the idea of reinventing what you've already got. i'm gonna try that.

  2. Okay, I am so impressed! When I saw the pieces for the challenge, I wondered how you'd be able to make some of them timeless... But you did it! :) This outfit looks so modern and put-together. I love it!

  3. Take me shopping (I'll pay of course). Teach me how to dress. Please! ;o)

  4. and you've inspired me once again! love the way you paired it and still look very "on-trend" and mom appropriate! super cute.
    side note: my company (hautelook) is selling James perse today and I totally thought of you!!!

  5. oooo you did a great job! It looks so cute!!!

  6. fantastic outcome!! you look amazing. i'm loving all the accessories too:)

  7. I love how you were able to make it casual just by rolling up the sleeves! I love this entire look, I would have never thought of wearing the jacket like that (after seeing it on the older photo), but it looks awesome with the shorts! :)

  8. The whole time I was reading this post I kept thinking, "I wish there was a picture of how she used to wear it." You read my mind!


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