Friday, May 20, 2011


Happy Birthday sweet boy.  I love you to the end of the Earth and back.
Your smile, your laugh, your cheeks and your silly nature make my day.
And I'm pleased to report that since your last birthday
you've mastered potty training, successfully moved to a big boy bed, 
and you know let me kiss and hug you as many times as I'd like. 
But please stop asking me what my name is every ten minutes.  
You know my first, middle and last name and I'm tired of that game :)
And please stop making me laugh at you when I'm supposed to be disciplining you.
Oh, and please stop trying to bring snails into the house.  
They are gross, even your daddy thinks so.

Thank you.
Love Mom,
The woman that cleans, cooks and plays with you (yes, that is a guilt trip). 

We Love you!
Happy 4th big guy :)


  1. Oh my word, I could eat him up...makes me miss my little big boy when he beautiful bouncy brown curls. Happy Day!

  2. have a fun birthday with that little dude! happy friday!

  3. Happy Birthday S!!!! Love Jackson, Dylan & Corbin!!!

    Dylan has learned to say "I love you, mom" when I am trying to discipline. How do you stay angry at that??

  4. adorable!!
    y'all have tons of fun on your vacation!! xo

  5. Happy 4th birthday to your special guy! Enjoy!

  6. Happy Birthday!! I love that he asks your name a gazillion times

    I am sure the 4 years just FLEW by.


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