Monday, April 12, 2010

A Birthday Eating Extravaganza!

(please pardon the pictures; we carried around the elph this weekend)
I turned the big 34 this weekend.  Only one more year until I'm in my "mid 30's".  But aside from the how old 34 sounds to me, my weekend was not filled with horror and dread.  Instead it was filled with family and friends and eating.  Lots and lots of eating that spanned 5 cities and 2 counties.  Starting with a Friday night dinner at the Crow Bar and Kitchen in Corona Del Mar.  Our friends Sarah and Aaron joined us and it was a fun filled evening with lots and lots of laughs, and bidding adieu at 10 o-clock at night.  Yes, we are old.

The menu gets a little overwhelming so my top 3 picks of the night are the mac n' cheese bites, the grilled stuffed dates and a cheese platter of any kind; the quince paste is phenomenal.  Oh, and a little Crow-tai to wash it all down
The next morning we strolled out of bed around 10 am (thanks Nana and Papa), picked up the kids and headed to one of our favorite low-key breakfast spots, Crema Cafe in Seal Beach.  Although when did it become a sit-down type of restaurant?  Although it has lost a little bit of its charm now that it is no longer a walk-up, the crepes and pastries are still to die for.  Do yourself a favor and skip La Creperie on 2nd Street for a crepe and head straight to Crema Cafe.

{Nutella and banana crepe}
Oh and do yourself one more favor if you go to the Crema Cafe, order a pear and mango muffin.  Even if you're stuffed, take one to go and eat it at home the next morning.  I promise you won't be disappointed.
{pear & mango muffin}
That night we headed out to my old stomping grounds and hit up El Cholo.  I could go on and on about the food, the margaritas, the flan, but I'll spare you my soliloquy and just simply say, "GO THERE!"  Please, please, give it a try.  You will be thanking me my friends.
{Blue Corn Enchiladas}
On the way to El Cholo (we go to the one in La Habra by the way), we stopped at Sweet & Saucy Shop for some cake pops.  My perfect idea of a birthday cake.
{cupcake lollipops}
And last but not least, the husband did good this year for birthday gifts, real good.  I've wanted one of these for years.  It's something you just don't think to buy yourself. And when you're 2 weeks shy of 23 and you get married, it's not really something you think to register for.  Not when your culinary skills are limited to boiling premade raviolis and grilled cheese sandwiches.  But finally, I own my first piece and I am very excited to get started in the kitchen.  Beef bourguignon here I come!
Oh, and to top it off, he signed us up for cooking lessons at Prep!  It will be on Cinco de Mayo and we'll be cooking up a Mexican Fiesta!  I have to say I'm pretty adept at Mexican fare, so we'll see what the chef can teach this gal.  I'm most curious about her version of Spanish rice (because personally I think my family's version is the best I've ever had).

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. So glad you had a great birthday and got that fabulous pot!!! I am dreaming of one myself.
    Happy Birthday!

  2. happy birthday!! now I need to go eat because those photos made me hungry.

  3. Sounds like you did have an awesome bday weekend! LOVE the dates at Crow Bar. I've made something like them before at home, but I recreated the Crow Bar ones and they came out great!

    El Cholo...love. Enough said. Reed's frat has a homecoming event there every year. So he's a big fan too!

  4. Happy Birthday mama! Sounds like you had a good one.
    Le Creuset...great gift!

  5. Glad you had a fabulous birthday weekend! I agree, that birthdays should a food fest . . .and you dined at some of my favorite places!

  6. So glad we could add something sweet to your birthday!

  7. Mmmmmm! Sounds great. I HAVE to go to El Cholo now. I loves me some fab Mexican food. I still haven't found somewhere in so Cal that I love as much as my favorite place in Bako.


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