Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring Essentials & A Bobbi Brown Giveaway!

In preparation for my trip to Scottsdale tomorrow for my BFF Lea's wedding, I began making a mental list of all the things to pack in my sweet little toiletry bag.

This is what I came up with:
1. Bobbi Brown Bronze Shimmer Brick: I use this pretty little hunk of a thing everyday once the weather turns warm.  Perfect for the cheeks and as an eyeshadow, it gives just the right amount of bronzing.  And it lasts forever!  I've had mine for a year now and I haven't even made a dent in it.
2. Moroccan Oil: This is a new discovery from my beauty supply store shopping trip, and the claims are true!  It really does smooth out flyaways, makes your hair shiny and smooth.  Oh and the added bonus is that it smells wonderful.
3. Smashbox Melon Drama Lipshine: The perfect amount of tint, perfect color for spring and summer, and not too ooey gooey sticky.
4. Maybelline Coral Crush Lipstick: I'm not the type of girl that takes lipstick color advice from just anyone, but when Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere recommends it, I tend to take it a little more seriously.  She's right, this is a great spring and summer shade for all hair and skin colors.
5. Fresh Sugar Perfume: This is the only perfume that I own and wear.  Seriously, 'nuff said.  I love the light, sweet, tangy scent of it.  Absolutely the perfect scent for the warm desert weather.
6. Eucerin SPF 30 daily sunscreen face moisturizer: This face moisturizer is lightweight, doesn't cause break outs on my skin and the best part is it's rather inexpensive and I can find it at a grocery store, drug store or Target.
7. Essie Main Squeeze Nail Color: This is a light, chalky color and I'm sure not for everyone.  But I like the subtle hint of lavender, and since it's part of their wedding collection, perfect for a weekend wedding.
8. Vitamin C Energizing Face Spray from Body Shop: I received this as a gift a couple of years back from our house model at my old job.  It's a refreshing spray that you can spritz over makeup to give you a little lift.  Smells and feels fantastic.

So there you have it folks.  I'm not one of those beauty supply crazies that has a closet full of stuff, rather I have just bought a few things here and there over the years.  These 8 things are all some of my favorites.

Now for the exciting part!  I am hosting a giveaway. My very first giveaway in fact.
Well just because.  It's not because I've opened an Etsy shop, or it' the anniversary of my blog or anything like that.
Just because.
Because I'm going on a 4 day mini vacation with my family tomorrow.
Because my best friend is getting married!
Because all of my special orders are complete.
Because the sky is blue.
Because I am thankful and appreciative for all of you!

So here's the deal:
Leave a comment telling me anything, you're favorite beauty product, what you'd like to try, anything really and receive an entry.
Become a follower and receive an entry (just click on subscribe to posts towards the bottom of the page).
Tell a friend and receive an entry (tweet, facebook, on your own blog, etc.)  For each tell a friend you do, you'll receive an entry...oh and tell me in the comments if you've shared the news about the giveaway so I'll know!

Yes, I will be honest, I am trying to buy friends and influence people.  But what the heck, I'm not the first blogger to do it :)

And what will some lucky lady win?
Yes, that's right.  In no time at all one of you lucky ladies will have a pretty shimmery glow to your face and all your friends will be asking you what you did.  Go on vacation, get some botox, or sell your soul to the devil?  Okay that's a little extreme, but you will love this stuff!

Okay, go forth and tell a friend my friends!
Happy Wednesday!
Oh yeah, the giveaway ends Sunday night at 4/18 11:59 pm.  I will announce the winner on 4/19!


  1. I love beauty products and have heard alot about the morocan oil so I would like to give it a try. I hope you have a great mini vacation!

  2. First, thank you for making the dress. I can't wait for my little girl to wear it!

    I've heard a few friends rave about morocan oil so I'd like to try that and the bronzer for my pale skin.

  3. Your beauty tips are encouraging and have given me an insight into products I am unfamiliar with. It is always positive to hear good things about other products available but apprehensive to try or purchase.

  4. i love everything from fresh. i was given one of their lovely scents as a bridal shower gift 9 years ago and it's still one of my all time faves.

    have a fun trip! the weather is going to gorg while you're here in sunny az.

  5. Love these suggestions! I'm a big Fresh fan too, though lately I've been obsessed with all things Jo Malone. Currently hooked on the Orange Blossom scent...

  6. Bring on the bronzer, Baby!

    Moroccan oil sounds perfect for me. Thank you, oh wise one.

    Have a GREAT trip!!!
    Love, Kate

  7. I love Bobbi Brown. I could not live without their tinted moisturizer! Great tips!!

  8. Love this post - I love love love my bobbi brown toner & the shimmer brick. I have a relatively new one, so don't enter me in the contest though - share the love!

  9. I got the Moroccan Oil at the same Beauty Supply's 25% off sale. That stuff ROCKS!! I just LOVE Bobbi Brown, but lately my newest find is MAC Mineralize powder, which I use as foundation after first spritzing with MAC Fix+ vitamin infused water.

  10. So, do you think if I use it, it will give me a shimmery glow like I live in California too?? Or, will I just look out of place among the igloos? ;) I want to go out right now to smell your Fresh perfume... I always like a nice "fresh" scent.

  11. I've always wanted to try that product! I use Benefit's Dallas for my bronzer/blush. Love it! Have a wonderful time this weekend.

  12. Now I regret giving away my BB shimmer brick! I never used it cause i don't wear too much make-up, but I remember I loved the subtle shimmer.

    Definitely want to try the moroccan oil!

  13. Have a wonderful time this weekend Andrea!

    The site is looking great. You know I've been a follower since way back :-)

    Hope you gain lots of new followers from your give away.


  14. Oooooh - I love BB, but haven't tried this brick! Definitely on the look out for a better bronzer (and perfume - I'm not loving mine anymore)

    Great post! =)


  15. I've always been curious about bronzer/shimmery stuff - VERY curious!! ETSY shop?? Where, where where??

    Already a follower!

    Favorite beauty product - gosh, ummmm, oh, oh! My Bath Addict custom scent blended Coconut/Cinnamon body lotion delicious and nutritious!!

  16. Aww thanks for the giveaway !

    I've always wanted to try Bobbi Brown Bronze Shimmer Brick and you're giving it away. That's amazing !

    I'm a follower.


  17. ooh, i would love to win! i adore bobbi brown products including the gel eyeliner and cream eyeshadows (do not budge once applied)! i love sugar lemon perfume and my eyelash curler. couldn't live without that thing.

  18. Oh Andrea.. I need to become a product girl. So many great suggestions. I buy stuff and then I always go back to same old stuff. I am a creature of habit. I wear the same thing over and over and over again. I have heard about that Moroccan oil... great things. I really need to get a little more adventurous and just go for it. i know this stuff won't bite me.

  19. My favorite beauty products? WOW that's a tough one, but I do really love Stila eye shadow in Diamond Lil, as well as Chanel lipsticks.

  20. Hey Andrea! I'd love to win the shimmer brick - fun! I'd also love to see some of your new clothes I was so bummed to miss a few Thursdays back (crazy night with TWO kinder open houses and my parents arriving the next day). They look CUTE!

    Everything on the blog is so pretty - I'm relieved to read other comments on miss-matched clothes, etc! hee hee

  21. love this Andrea!! The Bobbie Brown brick is very every day glam...and Fresh offers great products!! I love their shower gels, lotions, lip treatment...eye cream...candles, and fragrance!! I definitely want to try the Moroccan Oil..one of my beauty faves is Burt's Bee'ss...love the lemon cuticle butter and the coconut foot lotion.and Carmex in the tub is a fix all for everything you can ever imagine!!

  22. Hey, Andrea! Thanks for the tips! You always look so put together, so now I know a few of your secrets. I hope you're getting lots of new followers. I've tried to get the word out about you. You know I, among lots of others, think you're great!

  23. I'm a giant sucker for Kiehls: Lip Balm #1 and their coriander lotion. I've been using these for years. I also love Curls Rock cream and some frizz-ease products: Dream Curls spray and the frizz ease serum. I go through different make-up brand phases; I'm not committed to one label.

  24. Just home from camping and getting in on this. I'd love a shimmer stick. I ALWAYS have Burt's Bees lip balm in my purse.

  25. Hey Andrea, I've been enjoying reading your blog. You make everything look so easy! I became a follower. :) I also bought some Eucerin daily sunscreen from Target. I've been thinking I should upgrade from my SPF 15 to a 30 so I followed your suggestion. Like it so far!

  26. So FUN! With three littles, I'll take any help I can get! :)


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