Friday, April 23, 2010

Playgrounds & Lollipops - One Last Chance

Wednesday April 21st, 2010
Art's office, preschool pick up and drop off, running errands with Syd, work at Chartreuse
Jacket: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale super find!
Jeans: Hudson
Top: Nordstrom Brass Plum Dept.
Headpiece: From favorite beauty supply store
Shoes: Sam Edelman (3 seasons old)
I had a little gig at our local fab furniture store, Chartreuse, and I wanted to look both presentable and hip (or as hip as a mid 30's mom can look).  So I added my favorite head wrap to my outfit to funk it up a bit.  And since the store is housed in a warehouse space and is usually cold (on top of the fact that it was storming and in the high 50's outside), I grabbed my favorite leather jacket to keep me warm.  I knew it would probably be the last time I would be able to wear it this season.  The gig turned out great and will now be a permanent one!  Yippee for wonderful part time work that can be done from home and/or 5 minutes from the house!


  1. love it! love that shirt...alot.
    congrats on your new gig!

  2. nice jacket! i love my hudson jeans...they're flattering and so comfy. your hair looks great, too. is it the morrocan oil?

  3. Ummmm -can I come raid your closet? Seriously!!! :D You are one stylin' momma. LOVE IT.

  4. Ok.. I LOVE your fashion segments. LOVE THEM... Chartreuse is super rad. I didn't know you worked there??? That BP top. Love. I love the length. I need long shirts. With a long body, shirts always creep up. No fun. I don't do midriffs anymore. Haven't since 1991.

  5. Ok...I REALLY need new clothes!!!:)
    You look awesome!
    Enjoy the day!

  6. Love the shirt - I actually just ordered it!Erin


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