Thursday, April 22, 2010

Republicans Love the Earth Too

Honest, we do.
We're not all into hacking down forests, spilling oil in oceans and anything else we get a bad rap for.
I love my earth!
Some might even consider me a tree-hugger?

So in honor of Earth day, here is my obligatory Earth Day post on a product that I love and fully endorse.  Of course I don't get paid for that endorsement, but whatever.
Ever heard of Shaklee?
It was one of Oprah's favorite things, if that means anything to anyone.  Any Oprah lovers out there?
Anyhow, about 3 years ago a woman in my mom's group became a representative for the company, so I hosted one of those parties to find out more about it.

Basically, they make all organic, non-toxic, biodegradable household cleaning products of every kind you can imagine.  I originally bought their starter kit, and really enjoyed all of the products, as much as you can "enjoy" cleaning products I guess.
Hands down, my favorite product, without a doubt is their Basic H2 Super Cleaning Concentrate.
The bottle sold individually is $12.35.  And guess how long it has lasted me?  3 flippin' years and I'm not even half way done with the bottle! 
The concentrate can be used to make three types of cleaning products: glass cleaner, degreaser and a basic all-purpose cleaner. 
You can purchase 3 accessory bottles for a few bucks to hold each type of cleaner, and all you do is add in the correct amount of drops for each type of cleaner.  They all work great and this stuff lasts forever.
I know you can make your own at-home concoctions with vinegar and baking soda and different things like that, but if you want a no-brainer easy peasy type of all-natural cleaner, I highly recommend this one.  It's a heck of a lot cheaper than brands like 7th Generation and like I said, it works great. 

Now go forth and hug a tree my friends.
Happy Earth Day!


  1. I have always wanted to try their products!
    Good to know they work well too!:)
    Love the blog!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. For sure, we do!! We do!!! I'm very conscious! Though I must say, nothing burns my sensitive skin worse than seventh generation soap!

  3. You know I didn't mean this product, I meant the Target one. This product is probably amazing and i might try it! Had to clarify. Also, in answer to your question, yes my house backs up to a giant park, which the kids adore. You should come over some time for a playdate!

  4. Andrea, thanks for this blog and the info! I just LOVE the title!!! We republicans get bad reps sometimes, especially on Earth day. So thanks! Laura Bromlow

  5. My degree in college was City & Regional Planning w/ a minor in Sustainable Environments. That said, literally about 99% of my classmates were *very* liberal. There were maybe FOUR Republicans in the entire graduating class of 50+. Anyway, I used to joke when they would ask what I was doing over the weekend: "Oh, I'm going to go burn down rainforests and club baby seals, what are you gonna do?"

    Love Shaklee stuff too! Thanks for stopping by this morning!

  6. Andrea, I too LOVE Shaklee products, & I still have the original bottle of H2 I bought over 4 years ago. Awesome stuff!!

    As far as the whole Republicans loving the environment thing, it's not Republicans that we (or maybe I should say I...wouldn't want to speak for everyone out there) Democrats/liberals think hate the environment, it's the Republican leadership who we think could give a rat's arse. With the callous nature with which many leaders in the Republican party talk about our earth (e.g. "Drill, Baby, Drill"), it is very hard to see much respect for the environment out of them.

    Damn, sorry, I tripped over my soapbox!! ;)


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