Thursday, April 8, 2010

Vacation Dreaming - Paso Robles & Cambria

While browsing through pictures tonight I came across these from our summer vacation last year.
Rented an Airstream and traveled up the Coast.
Great memories.
Some yucky ones too involving the black tank (anyone own an RV will know what this means; if you don't, well then consider yourself lucky).
Where to go this year?
Dreaming of the Carolinas and the Pacific Northwest.
Where are you dreaming of going this summer?


  1. Oh what great pictures. I can't wait to get back up there. I am already itching for our annual fall trip. Renting an airstream sounds fantastic. Could you tell me where you rented it from?

  2. That is SO weird! We are actually thinking of doing the same thing in a few months for our vacation. You'll have to give us some pointers!

  3. You know I love this post, although I do fear the black water incident we plan to rent a trailer in Sept for a trip to the beach.
    We are planning a driving trip to Northern Idaho this summer, we'll stay at Greg's Grandma's beautiful house on Lake Ponderay.
    I absolutely love the last picture - stunning - was that San Simeon?

  4. Gorgeous pictures! We had plans to rent a trailer and drive out to the grand canyon and go to spain, but everything got shelved once i got pregnant :(. hopefully in the next year or two we will get back to traveling, but this summer we've got to stay local!

  5. Beautiful pictures Andrea. We'll be pretty home bound this summer with an infant, but I do want to do the whole RV thing one year. Maybe with a couple other families all caravan style!! :)

  6. Thanks guys, wish I could take credit for them but they are Art's creations...some technique called HDR. Miranda, the last one is from San Simeon, good eye :) Greta, we rented from Share My RV out in Santa Paula. My friend Miranda had a great experience with them, but we had a few issues. Email me if you want the full scoop :)
    Mary, Spain sounds wonderful. You guys will get there soon enough! And Laura, I'm sure you will be moving and a grooving in no time at all either :) Trekking across the Irish country side with baby #3 in tow!

  7. I love these pics. Cambria was/is one of my family's favorite vacay spots. We grew up spending many, many family weeks/weekends/etc there.

    I'm not sure where we'll go this summer. Maybe camping among the Giant Sequoias in August. That's Brian's "must so." We haven't been since Claire was two.

  8. Erin I remember you posted pictures somewhere of Claire walking among the sequoias didn't you? I thought that was so freakin' cool!

  9. Yes, I think you're right! I'll have to find those.


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