Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Breakfast of Champions - Green Smoothies & Nutella

I've decided to get back to running.
And the reason isn't because of the standard "bathing suit season is coming up."
It's because when I'm folding my laundry my arms actually get tired and sore from the extra work.
Pathetic, I know.  I will say though that in my defense, I have freakishly weak upper body strength.
Also, because I ran 2 miles the other day at a snail's pace and I have been sore for 3 days now.
Yes, I've already said it, pathetic.

About 6 months ago I sprained my ankle during crazy 6 am bootcamp, and I just haven't been back.  I think I was just feeling completely burned out, after training hard for the last year and a half.

So back to running I go.
I've been a runner since high school, competing in track and cross-country.
My claim to fame is I once ran a relay race against Marion Jones' team.
And I still maintain that even back in high school the girl was on steroids.
Last April I did run the Seal Beach 5k in just under 25 minutes, which I was pretty proud of.

What's been getting me going lately?
Green smoothies, and I owe all the credit to my friend Laura.
The key ingredient to a green smoothie is dark leafy greens of some sort.
We prefer swiss chard in our house.  I've tried carrot tops, romaine lettuce and spinach, and they are just too earthy for me.  As Art said "tastes like dirt."  So swiss chard is what we use.
And I will swear that these are delicious.  I would never recommend something that isn't good, even for health's sake.  I promise promise.   

Green Smoothies:
Handful of dark leafy greens (about 1-2 stems of swiss chard is what I recommend)
1 Cup of any type of frozen fruit
Any sort of fresh fruit you have (we often use 1 apple cut up, no need to peel, and 1 banana, cut up)
1/2 - 1 Cup Orange Juice to help with the consistency and blending process
 *If you want you can add in what Laura calls "healthy extras" such as flax seed or probiotics.  I added 2-3 probiotic tablets to my smoothie while I was fighting off strep throat for the 3rd time and I swear it helped me kick it.

I like my green smoothie with a side of toast smeared with Nutella

By the way, Maddie, our doggy dog, is so happy about me getting my butt back into shape, as seen here with her crazy tail wagging.  She always gets a nice cool down jog with me after my run.


  1. GO Girl!
    I'm taking this pregnant body out for a run in about 10 minutes ;) Enjoy the endorphins!

  2. That's great Andrea! OH how I wish I could be a "runner". I put it in quotes cuz I truly believe there is such a thing - you either are or you aren't. I - am not. I personally love the strength training... mainly for my upper body. Haha!

    I too recently have been drinking "green" smoothies with spinach and pineapple! Yum! Have fun.

  3. Good for you! I don't know about those green smoothies though. :) LOL!

  4. I served my kids Nutella on whole wheat bagels this morning with an apple. YUM! Definitely gonna step up my game and try your smoothie though.

  5. Ha ha! Glad you're enjoying your greens mama.
    Tell Art dirt is yummy. :)

  6. As much as I can't stand running it's the only thing that really keeps the weight off for me. You go, and I can't wait to be running in a few weeks!

    Haven't gotten into the green smoothy thing yet, but really should. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. I dont know about green smooties either! But, I been hearing a lot of good things about them lately. So much, that I might start making them. Lise


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