Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm So Dense Sometimes

My mom always says to me, "You like to do things the hard way."
Yes, I know mom. I really can't help it, it's just part of my nature.
So this morning at 5:45 as I was getting all worked up and anxious thinking about how I was going to make a surfboard and sun applique for a shower gift that a friend requested. I guess I could have asked my blogging friend Heather because she does some super suh-weet appliques, but that would have been too easy.

My last few rounds at applique work haven't gone so well you see. I can sew dresses with my eyes closed, but applique work, well it just intimidates me. For those veteran sewers out there, stop your eye rolls okay. Lest you forget, I have only been sewing for 6 months.
Anyhow. All of a sudden a light bulb went PING in my head! Or BUZZ! Or whatever it is that light bulbs do.

It finally dawned on me what the purpose of this stuff is:
See right there, it says "Perfect for Applique"
Who would have known (well me I guess if I had bothered to read the package
when my mother in law gave me the stuff several months ago)?
So I got to work on my little baby shower gift bundle.
And went on to create a birthday gift for one of Taylor's preschool class mates
("L" for Lance and he is 5! and yes, the L is supposed to be wonky)
Now that that's over, I can go forth and concentrate on making some sweet little dresses with this stuff. Don't you love the way fabric looks stacked like this? All pretty and inviting. It's saying, "Come to me. Cut me up. Create something beautiful out of me." My favorite is the bright pink and orange floral on the white background. I bought 10 yards of that print.
Me and this guy have become new best friends. This is one mean looking iron. It means business. Stand back or you'll get burned by the heat. Thanks mother in law for my birthday gift :) A serious iron is worth its weight in gold when you're ironing yards and yards of fabric. Did I tell you Baby Taylored is having a photo shoot this Friday? This photographer approached me a while back and offered to take some pretty pictures of my little dresses, and how could I refuse? I am so excited to work with her. My goal is to open my shop before Blog Sugar.

Now to decide on Etsy or Big Cartel. Anyone have thoughts on this? Which venue to use? I'd love some feedback.

So for now I am going to be a busy bee sewing away. All my dresses from my last batch sold out, so that means all new dresses to whip up. Thank you to all those that purchased from me at the last craft fair.

Sew long for now my friends! (haha get it, "sew" long for now? I crack myself up!)

p.s. thank you to all those that have entered the drawing for the Marta Writes mini journals. What a huge success (in my eyes) it has been so far. You have until tomorrow to enter and then I'm shutting it down and announcing the winner on Friday after Playgrounds & Lollipops.


  1. 1. you are funny.
    2. you make me laugh at my computer screen.
    3. thanks for the shout out!
    4. had you asked i would have told you about that glorious binding your wrote about. use it. love it.
    5. your shop, wherever you choose to place it, is going to be a HUGE success.
    6. happy wednesday.

  2. Hey girl, those are some cute applique's. I am one of the craft illiterate. I can only sew straight lines. I'm curious, do you have to sew the sides of the fabric down before you put them on the shirt? I would imagine they fray if they aren't tucked under. I only ask because if the heavens open up and I find myself with extra time on my hands, I might try this. :)

  3. Summer, if you use this fusible webbing stuff, it sticks to the applique, then you stick it to the fabric, then iron it on. Then you sew. The webbing will keep it from fraying, although what would you do if you wanted that frayed look I wonder? Heather, any thoughts on that?

  4. You've only been sewing for 6 months??? What were the first projects you did to teach yourself? Love your shower gift!

  5. Hi Mary, Mary who is this? Mary D? I don't mean to be nosy, but it always helps to know whom I'm speaking to haha! Anyhow, the very first thing I made were straight and simple line sewing kitchen valances. I then had my MIL walk me through sewing a pair of kimono pajamas for each of the kids using a pattern. That one pattern taught me a lot, and now I feel pretty competent overall in the sewing department.

  6. Oh I know what you mean about doing things the hard way! Love the 5 shirt for Lance. Fancy making more -- that might be perfect for my soon to be 5er!

  7. I say Etsy. It's even "known" up in the Great White North. ;)

  8. Thanks! Maybe I will try a pattern. I've always been intimidated by them but I'm sure I'd learn a lot! I'm Mary L not Mary D. New to your blog but can tell I'll be visiting back often. Got here by way of Cherry Tree Lane I think! :)

  9. Welcome Mary L! Patterns can be tricky, because some are written in very easy terms with great pictures, and others, not so much. Do you have someone that's a skilled seamstress that you can call on if you get stuck? Luckily I do or else I probably would have given up months ago.

  10. Question: Where did you get your Baby Taylored tags made??

  11. A place called CBF labels in Tustin. I'll send you their info if you want.


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