Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Is This Really Okay?

I just witnessed a mom, easily in her 30's, donning a full head to toe Lululemon outfit, driving a brand new fancy Mercedes minivan, leave her 2 very young children (2 & 4 I'm guessing) in the car while she ran into Sprouts to shop.

Is it just me, but is this just not okay?
Especially on a day where the temperature is reaching 84 degrees.
And in a very busy parking lot.

If it is okay, then sign me up because believe me I would much rather leave the crazy kids in the car while I do my errands.

She did leave her Golden Retriever in the car with them.
Oh I know what happened! She must have got mixed up and thought she was living in a Peter Pan movie and the dog was the kid's Nana.

The worst part is that I actually stood by the car for the 10 minutes that she was in the store and just sort of kept an eye on them.
I didn't feel right leaving, it just felt weird.

When she walked out (yes, walked, not ran), she sort of gave me this weird look like "why are you standing by my car."
I said, "I was just sort of standing watch because I noticed the kids in the car."

Her reply?
In a very indignant, almost smug and irritated tone she said, "Oh thanks, but I could see them from inside."

And to that I call bull$hit.

There is no way you could see them the entire time lady, so don't try to make yourself feel better and look like less of a jerk by telling lies.

Now I have left my kids in the car while going to the ATM and even a couple of times to do drop off at the dry cleaners where they are literally parked right outside the door.
But to leave them for more than 100 yards in a crowded parking lot in the middle of a hot day just doesn't seem right. Call me judgmental.
Especially children so young. A 6 and 8 year old, I get. But a 2 & 4 year old?

And the reason I felt the need to tell you what she was wearing, her age and the kind of car she was driving? Because she is old enough and {most likely} educated enough to know better. It's not like she was some teenage unwed mother.

Alright, glad I got that off my chest. I feel much better now. Time to go on about my day :)


  1. Just goes to show you anyone can be a moron.

  2. So NOT OK. I'm proud of you fir saying something to her!

  3. it is completely wrong. wrong!!! nothing is right about that scenario. i'm so glad that you said something in response to her grumpy look. maybe next time she'll think twice about leaving her kids in the car. so glad you did that!

  4. SO NOT OK! I actually have come across this same situation twice before both on hot days. I was REALLY bugged and actually went into the store and told the Mgr and they paged the owner of the car. The other time was a dog - no water I could see and a super hot day. I actually went to mall security to see if they could do anything. People are just stupid. So glad you watched out for those kiddos and that you said something to the mom.

  5. not only is it not ok, it's actually illegal. it was nice of you to stay there and actually watch the kids. her reaction doesn't surprise me though. just hope nothing ever happens to her kids for her to learn a lesson.

  6. It's true, it's illegal. A friend of mine is public defender and has had these cases.

  7. okay, I am so glad I am not alone in this. At first I thought, hmmm, maybe I'm just being all judgmental up on my high horse, but you guys have all confirmed that my gut was right! This was wrong on all levels! And I think what really irked me about her fancy $400 workout ensemble and her fancy car is that it is almost like, because she has money she thinks she's invincible. Does that make sense? She either left there feeling really dumb and sheepish and embarrassed, or is so clueless she went home complaining to her husband about the b!t@h in the Sprouts parking lot. At which point I hope her husband then went on to question her judgment. And Mary, I agree with you, I really hope nothing ever happens to her kids. Why tempt the devil you know?

  8. oh and one last thing and then I'll shut up; I was totally nice about it I swear. i said it almost as if I was the one that should be embarrassed, not her. To get that reaction from her just stunned me.

  9. Oh, Andrea, you are nicer than I am. I would have called the police. Whether she did it out of ignorance or not, who knows how many times she does this or anything else just as neglectful/dangerous. She and her poor kids are lucky you were there to keep them safe when she was clear too dumb to do it herself. Hopefully, your statement will make her think twice next time...even if she didn't agree. Good job!

  10. You did a great thing!! awesome job!

  11. Good for you! It sounds like you touched a nerve with her. She probably already felt guilty, which is why she completely overreacted to your concern and kindness. I think you're right--she thinks she's invincible.

  12. NOT COOL!!! I would have done the same thing and I might have even pointed out to her that it is AGAINST THE LAW!!!!!!!! What an idiot, SERIOUSLY!!!!! I sometimes even waffle about running my cart to the cart corral at the grocery store if I am parked too far away because I don't want anything to happen to my kids!!! (I try to park closer now just for that reason!)

    On another note - it is looking so cute here at your blog - I LOVE it ;D

  13. You are far too polite girl! LOL! I would have called the police right then and there. I called the Long Beach Animal Shelter and reported a person who had locked their dog in the car with all the windows up during a 90 degree day. Let me tell you...that woman was PISSED when she came out to find me, the Walmart security guard, a cop and the animal shelter guy trying to break into her car to get the dog out.

    SO needless to say I would have TOTALLY gone off on that chick today! Poor poor taste.

  14. Ok so this is the first time I have read a BLOG.. and it took me 10 mins to figure out where I comment.. Ok so this story is too funny.. Andrea I love that fact that you tell me what she is wearing.and OF course what Car she is driving!!.. if this had been Long Beach we would have been arrested for leaving our kids in the car.. but then again this is Seal Beach/Rossmoor..(not that this is ok..) but truly a sign.. personally I think that there are so many 'little old ladies' who are driving around in that parking lot.. they Can't see anything.. never mind inside the car.(you must have driven behind them.. holey moley they seem to take forever to park). she just did not realise she would be coming across 'Andrea' and low and behold it becomes a battle of the Rossmoor mummies!!.. Andrea I am sure you will see this mummy again and this time you need to be prepared and take her down with some perfectly prepared sentence.. (God I love this stuff..) anyhow as you can see I have time as I sit here at 1214pm at night writing all of this..(kids asleep). and me just home from work.. now I know where to go for my entertainment!! - just love it..

  15. Parenthood FAIL.

    I'm with Shanna. I would have called the police in a HOT SECOND.

  16. I LOVE you Andrea! This makes my day. I would not have been nice about it at all!


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