Friday, January 2, 2009

All the Things I Love (and there's a lot!)

Beauty & Fashion Stuff
* Beauty Products for Spring
* Headwrap Love
* For the Man In Your Life
* My Eye Cream & Night Lotion
* Nail Love

Two Things I Love Around My Home
* Big Tree & Kitchen Art
* Birdies & Piano
* Trompe l'oeil & Glass Jars

Faith & Family
* Link to one of my favorite Meg Posts On Her Trip To Africa
* Daniel's Adoption

* On Having Faith
* Markings On A Wall
* Family Devotions
* A Moment of Awe

Various Love
* Vacation Dreaming
* Food Love
* Gardening
* Winter Vacation
* Jesus Loves This Girl T-Shirt
* Milk Glass
* Funny Preschool Antics
* Still One of My Favorite Posts I Ever Wrote
* Being Don Draper
* Random Post On Various Stuff I Love
* The Estate Sale Horses the Kids Still Play With Everyday 9 Months Later

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